What are you researching right now?

I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS researching something. There is so much to learn in life and never a bad time to expand your horizons as you try new things, plan trips, try new methods, consider new products, plan for new projects, etc.  

So, out of curiosity and opportunities to exchange conversation, what are you researching right now? What ‘stage’ are you at and what is the research for? 

Please share below and best of luck in your research! 

  • Really the only thing I have time for  is "how to improve my resume," because something is clearly wrong with it lol

  • I've been trying to find some good resources for Roblox game development, but haven't really been able to find anything geared more towards the professional. Most resources I've seen so far have been targeted more towards kids and beginners.

  • Most of my recent research has been around gardening which I am fairly new to (we finally have a decent-sized yard in which to plant).  Determining which plants thrive here and at what times of the year, soil, fertilizer, water sun, location, pests, etc.  It is far more complicated that I thought.

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    I'm curious: Are you looking at a business application for this? And if so, what does that look like? I'll be the first to admit I have almost no knowledge of Roblox, but I do find the question of how to implement game development aimed at entertainment, especially for younger audiences, in a business setting to be intriguing.

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    It is very difficult! I think I've only gotten tomatoes in the past out of shear dumb luck. Last year was only one type of lettuce, green onions (which are super easy) and chives (again, easy) which thrived. Everything else, whether vegetable, herb or flower, failed miserably.

  • My minor obsession until a few weeks ago was fountain pens, inks etc. Now I'm back to my actual academic research, which is understanding how inculturation of Christianity/religion in Japan, and even in broad terms any concept cross-culturally, happens and how we place that within our modern day desire to give indigenous voices a say amongst decolonizing trends.

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    Kinda both for business as well as entertainment. It was recently announced there's a Roblox game that's being adapted into a TV series. I've seen numerous Roblox games based on TV series and movies, but I think this might be the first-ever TV series based on a Roblox game.

    There's also a ton of good examples of branded/promotional Roblox experiences. Amazon had a really fun one over the holidays and there was recently one of the first new 17+ rated experiences to promote the film Saw X, which was pretty fun.

    Right now, Walmart has a really popular experience on Roblox and Universal has a fun limited-time experience to promote the new Kung Fu Panda 4 movie.

  • I am researching all the places I can travel to using my travel home. I am finalizing the project by looking for the places that have the best internet coverage.   

  • Getting together a plan for a network overall, new switch, and WIFI access points