Happy Leap Day!

My wife and I have a tradition of doing something completely outside of our norm on Leap Day.
Tonight we are going to join some friends at a local distillery. We never drink "brown liquor", so trying something local seems like a good one-off for us this year.
I just hope i can finish the drink! I'm open to suggestions if you have a go to whisky drink that'll go down easy ;)

Do you do anything special on Leap Day?

  • I wish I could say I enjoyed the time and treat of an extra day this year but I didn't! I also wish I planned to slow down more and watch something cute and silly like Leap Year with Amy Adams haha or something unique.

    But I love the idea of what you and your wife try to do on Leap Day! How did the tasting go? I have no good commentary in this area but maybe we have some distillery insight from others. Maybe  , UK Community Manager has an idea on a good Whiskey? Maybe, but if you ever need any thoughts on beer brews - he's your man! Super knowledgeable, certified, very cool stuff!