Anyone interested in Japan? Sushi, Demon Slayer, and Tokyo Tower

Hi everyoneBlushSparkles

I am the community manaer in Lenovo Pro Community Japan. (I've met some of you already!)
I wanted to raise a very special topic here in the US community for people who are interested in Japanese culture Slight smile

If none of the above, please make comments below!!!! 

  • So far, I am getting most for Sushi! Slight smile

  • I love food so, sushi covers it. I also like Japanese design and craftsmanship. I'm a big fan of the Grand Seiko watches. I'm hoping to do a side-trip with my family to Japan when we go to Hong Kong next winter.

  • So happy to have Mari special featuring this conversation!! Mari has been with Lenovo a number of years and does an amazing job managing our Japan and Australia communities. She is one of my amazing teammates and we are so lucky to have her! Smile

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    I'll be honest and say that, of the options, sushi is by far the best in Japan.

  • My first choice would probably be onsen. So many other good options (nankotsu karaage, motsu nabe, shinkansen etc.), but I probably miss onsen the most.

  • Sushi is something I would not know how to purchase. Can you tell us something about Sushi?

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    Ohhhh! Thank you for your great comment! 

    Aaron, I know that you are an expert on Japanese custure and of course food also!!!
    Have you had this before? You might have seen it before though! 

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    ohhhh Please let me know when you visit Asia. Hong Kong is a great place to visit, I love it!!! Are you going to Macau? 
    Do let me know if you are planning to stop by Tokyo!!! Blush

  • Hey Beth!!! I am super excited to feature this topic! Thank you for bringing this idea. I love it!!
    So far I got Sushi, Japanese design, and craftmanship :) Seiko watch!!