Coffee - Black or with Milk

Coffee is an essential part of most of our lives now and I see most of people take it black and it is healthier. But I find it bitter to drink.

How to develop a taste for black coffee. Any suggestions?

  • I 'struggle' with this too, Danny. Maybe switch up your roast? There's nothing better/tastier than a cup of coffee with cream. That's one of my remaining vices in life (haha, lame!) I also use oat milk, which, if you're trying to avoid dairy, it's a good substitute. 

  • Why force yourself to drink bitter coffee.  There are so many healthy option that you can use to make it taste better. Bring up Starbucks website and look at all of the alternate options for milk.  You could also try black with just sweetener.  Instead of sugar try agave or monkfruit to sweeten in.  

  • Black coffee is an aquired taste. I usually carry blonde/ black coffee and it makes it

    Palatable .
  • For reference, I drink my dunkin' coffee black (both hot and Iced in the summer) and love it. Picking the right roast is a great start for sure as another example, for Starbucks, I drink blonde roast only (get a pour over if they don't have a fresh pot) and only a drop of milk would I add and it's perfect for me. I can't drink Pikes Peak blend black or with milk/cream. I usually like a "medium" type roast for black or "very dark". If shopping at a supermarket, packaging should say type of roast. However you drink it, enjoy it!

  • I take whatever I can get! My favorite is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, however I'm contented to drink the Caribou Morning Blend my work provides at no cost to me. Beats some of the schlop we would get in the military. If I'm drinking at home, it's good with a little half and half or whipping cream, but I don't do milk. Milk is for tea.

  • I have heard it is all about the roast and the flavors. Start light, get a variety and go from there.

    Ahha, this is a nice little read for some starting ideas!

    I also love pictures. So, here is this too: