Which do you enjoy looking at during a meeting, an animated power point or a non animated power point?

Which do you enjoy looking at during a meeting, an animated power point or a non animated power point?

  • Good question. I think it depends on the information being presented and shared. If it's technical or showing a progression, I think animation would be really helpful. And when used sparingly, also entertaining. I do wonder if animation in presentations (the easier it becomes) will have its heyday like using all the available fonts once did :) 

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  • This is a great question Judith. I wonder much about attention spans when presenting information and this kind of intentionality with design can really make or break a presentation!

    I think presentations need to have a good balance of text and visual cues, icons, imagery and animation. I know some folks say an audience is either listening to your words or reading text on the slide. So keeping your narrative in your verbal delivery while emphasizing the key concepts of each slide with a focus on visual storytelling may be most impactful.

    So when it comes to animated or non-animated PowerPoints, I think it depends. A poorly designed or poorly researched presentation isn't made better by animation imo. It is a balance between design and substance that is gonna have the best impact. But I enjoy either. When you animate parts of the PowerPoint, it can make it more interesting and call non-verbal attention to key slide points. 

  • Hehe what a funny callout. That is true haha! 

  • animated power point otherwise I might fall asleep.

  • I think I prefer animations but only for transitions between templates, without going overboard with animating images and text

  • Great discussion thread Judith! 

    My thoughts on slide decks are to think of your audience and keep it simple. I like to avoid too much text and use bullet points so my audience spending all their time reading while I'm speaking. I use animation for transitions and to enhance the message in my presentation.