What is the best thing you experienced this week?

What is the best thing you experienced this week?
  • This is the first time I'm spending the end of the year in New York. The end of year celebrations there are different from those I have already experienced in Paris. I'm curious about the different ways they are celebrated around the world.

  • Great post  . I spend every Christmas at a beach!

  • Today we celebrated my Grandmother's 90th Birthday. She is an amazing woman and has been the foundation for all of our family. She instilled her values, faith in God, and lead by example for us all to see. And she is still going strong. She travels the world with friends, continues building the family tree in her pursuit of her passion for genealogy, and has gone back as far as mid 1500's Ireland on her side and mid 1600's Germany on my Grandfather's side. It was truly a great day to see her so happy and lively surrounded by her family and friends, both close and distant. We are definitely blessed.

  • Wow ! Is this a real picture ?

  • Wow ! Lucky you are to still have her ! Take care 

  • Beautiful ! Your year starts in a beautiful way :) 

  • Travelling with my daughter to interesting campuses!

  • Beautiful experience to keep in mind for life 

  • That's amazing Lindsay! Congratulations to you and your grandmother, what a celebration! I bet she and   might have a wonderful conversation on genealogy for sure haha. So much to be thankful for!