What is your favorite productivity hack?

What is your favorite productivity hack?

Whether tech-based, business-owner hack, time management practice or anything in-between, how do you make your time work for you?

  • Because many of my e-mails are usually not time sensitive to the point that I need to respond immediately (unless I am working on a project for whoever's contacting me!), I usually try to answer those in-between things and at odd hours (early morning, late night) so that I can keep my big chunks of time during the day focused on the task at hand.

    That, or having two working spaces (one standing, one sitting) in different parts of the house really helps too to get a change of scenery and position and refocus on things.

  • I use email flags in Outlook to keep track of the most important tasks that need done

  • Outlook agenda calendar and alarms

    I answer to all my emails the first hour of the day at 8:00a.m

    I answer to all questions and explain to the team what we need to do at 9:00 p.m

    I schedule my meetings with customers the 2 last days of the week, so we can finalize the work papers and reports in the beginning of the week.

    That’s all !

  • Automate as much as possible, at home, at work, wherever.

  • Our organization uses Asana to track our tasks. It's been helpful to see what tasks were done to complete a task.

  • Standing desks -- staying on your feet helps to keep you active and engaged throughout the day. Bringing monitors, keyboard, and mouse up to torso height helps maintain better posture and ergonomics, puts less stress on wrists, and you're less inclined to be idle when you're upright. I added a balance board to my desk to keep my knees, quads and calves engaged while I'm working.

  • Setting up Outlook to automatically move SPAM into the SPAM folder and blocking junk mail addresses.

  • Outsource tasks when you can.  I have a photography business on the side, and I try to out source all of my editing.  In the time it takes me to edit one session I could go shoot two more. There are people that love to edit and are much faster than I am.  Financially it make sense for me to pay them to do it will I go out and shoot some more.  

  • We have a few where I work.  I needed to do some updates to a user's computer with one.  I actually liked working in this manner.

  • Lists and then prioritizing by importance.