What is your favorite productivity hack?

What is your favorite productivity hack?

Whether tech-based, business-owner hack, time management practice or anything in-between, how do you make your time work for you?

  • I find that planning ahead whenever possible helps reduce stress and save time for me!

  • Time management is the absolute hardest thing for me especially as such a hyper person as I am. Lol. I started time block color coding with multiple alarms and started simple red time (urgent or time sensitive) yellow time (research/Continue Education/Mentoring/Volunteering) green time(money making time-I’m in sales) 

    since I am new to the industry just under 5 years, I’m trying to be mindful to pay attention to a few ways or given advice of other successful agents but I’m seeing a pattern and hard to break. Hmmm! 

  • That is a great tip! Color coding is one of the ways I also organize my tasks to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and that everything I need to do gets done. 

  • In the computer world, a hack is a work-around method that tests the limits or possibilities of computer-engineered systems. In life, productivity hacks do much the same, referring to shortcuts, skills, or even tricks that increase the productivity output in an ingenious or inspirational way.

  • Really this is a question I'm having what is best apps or software to use to get traffic as well as productive on.

  • Try a tool like Miro, Trello, or Monday.com  all great tools for tracking and productivity.  

  • Color coding helped me, too.  And I still feel like I need to hire someone to manage me.  :-)  I am trying out a planning tool with my accountability partner.  It lets me prioritize by category; A-Must do, B-Should do, C-Could do.  Then I estimate how long it will take me to do whatever.  When I first started using this tool, I found that I can committing myself to over 30 hours of work a day.  No wonder I always felt like I had not accomplished anything.  

  • I really like the pomodoro method and think it blends productivity and efficiency really well.