Paper, digital or both? What's your preference?

What is your primary medium for staying organized at work, in your business or personal life?

  • Are you a hard-core paper user? Or a digital-only person? Or mixed? Why?
  • If you are predominantly a paper-user and want to convert to digital, why is that?
  • Digital users - can you share tips and suggestions for those looking to convert?
  • Digitization - how do you feel about this topic?
  • Are you primarily a digital-first organizer who wants to convert to paper? Why or why not?

Please share these and all your thoughts with the community below!


  • I keep hard copies of all critical documents, sometimes multiple sets. I use paper notes, lists and calendars all the time. I store digitally everything except things that I never want lost or read by others.

  • I edit book published in either or both formats. We work mostly digitally, but it's often convenient to print drafts for off-computer editing.

    Intra-company communication is nearly entirely digital.

  • Primarily digital but I do a lot of taxes on paper. 

  • I use whatever is available and convenient.  However, it takes time to consolidate Slight smile

  • I do all my personal invoicing digitally. If I get a paper copy of something, I will scan it or snap a pic and shred the paper to use in our Hedge hog and sugar glider cages Slight smile

  • I agree prints of photos are much better, everything else digital.  

  • I am doing my best to rid my office of all paper to reduce the need for another filing cabinet and to make it easier to maintain offsite backups.  I've been largely successful, but sill need to keep original paper version of tax-related documents.

  • I use online methods to monitor all of my accounts but I also keep paper receipts and invoices, mainly because that is the way I have always done it. I can see a benefit to digitizing my documents, but i would still want to keep a paper copy just in case it is needed.

  • Okay Daniel - silly question. For the 3-2-1; if I back-up to an external drive what is on my desktop, if I update something on my desktop, like a document or a design file, would it automatically update in my back-up files - no right? Would I have to save a new one? Do you 're-sync' the data so it's the same both places regularly? If you save files in the cloud (google drive?), then on your desktop, then on an external hard-drive - I mean, which do you use regularly then?

    I am confused about having different files and versions of files. For my artwork, I sometimes save the same scanned art file multiple times for my e-commerce store. So I have a low-quality one, a high quality one with a water mark, the file used to print the art digitally not compressed and very high dpi, I like to keep my raw dpi scans of the originally work, I have one file that I sign and one unsigned, the cropped version, etc. Does it make sense to back it all up regularly? And how do I do different formats of the same piece - isn't that then a TON of files and versions of files in different places? I feel like I would lose my marbles trying to keep track of everything and if I backed it up or not. 

    I am definitely trying to figure it out. Thinking