Paper, digital or both? What's your preference?

What is your primary medium for staying organized at work, in your business or personal life?

  • Are you a hard-core paper user? Or a digital-only person? Or mixed? Why?
  • If you are predominantly a paper-user and want to convert to digital, why is that?
  • Digital users - can you share tips and suggestions for those looking to convert?
  • Digitization - how do you feel about this topic?
  • Are you primarily a digital-first organizer who wants to convert to paper? Why or why not?

Please share these and all your thoughts with the community below!

  • I use a variety of medium to communicate. I have a notepad in every room of the house along with various pens. I then work out an idea on paper and then shirt to a digital draft product to make sure it renders coreectly on a PC, tablet or a phone. I use Adobe and Microsoft Copilot as well as Meta products to assist with my day to day work flow. Converting to Digitization is difficult for most of my clients because many of them do not know how to convert filesor some do not have the internet. I help them along and some I still send work through the post office.

  • Since all of my work is online, i keep all my paperwork on could which i can access anywhere.

  • I would be 100% paperless if I was on my own.  I work in an office that has some people that will never give up paper, so I have to live in both worlds.  

  • I try to use my laptop and only my  laptop in work. always asking to my clients to scan and send files by email to not stock/archieve them.

    I like to touch pictures, letters and tools from family and friends.

  • Mostly digital now. It's easier for me to keep track of and to find. I need to go through my file cabinet at home and scan everything so I don't have to keep the hard copies.

    Just remember, always have backups of your data. I always recommend having 3 copies, 2 different formats, and 1 off-site. Standard 3-2-1 Backup strategy

  • Although I'm moving to all digital, I love making prints of photographs.

  • I definitely use a mix of both digital and paper. Sometimes it's just easier to use paper for keeping track of simple quick tasks, especially since it's more visible and easier to be reminded of.

  • I use a mix of both where the most appropriate medium is used for the particular task

  • Nothing can replace a good scratchpad to really think about planning out things but I do use voice assistant to list skills to keep track of a lot now.

  • For myself and my job I would say a majority of our communication and documents are electronic/digital. Cant really think of anything I would use/need paper for.  Only time I may use paper is if there was a quick note or something to jot down for something to do/reminder etc