Essential browser extensions + other digital tips

I am doing a bit of 'fall cleaning' as it were of my tabs, accounts, browsers and other miscellaneous digital footprint type of activities.

I am ripe for browser tips and method suggestions but particularly interested in browser extensions, browser opinions and overall usage tips. 

  • What browser do you use? Why? What do you think about some alternatives like Ecosia or DuckDuckGo?

  • What extensions do you have or recommend to others (pw managers, security, ad-blockers, anti-tracking, etc.)
  • How do you organize your digital life via tabs, folders and your bookmarks bar?
  • How often do you clean up your tabs, files, or digital footprint?

Please comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

  • Chrome.

    Technoloigy Developer/ Productivity essential extensions : POSTMan, JSON Viewer, Evernote Web clipper

    Others: Honey, Adblock Plus, Google Calendar, Dark Reader, StayFocusd, Momentum

  • Evernote Webclipper : Take screenshots of web pages, applications, documents etc and record them in the Evernote notes. (Evernote is a scribing application and is free for individual and limited usage)

    POSTMan : Execute play and integrate with APIs / Web Services for Systems integration

    JSON Viewer : Formatting JSON data in readable format, explore JSON documents

    Honey : Applies discount coupons on different retail websites we try to shop

    Adblick Plus : Stop ads and popups

    Dark Reader : Change the website articles to have dark background for pleasent reading experience

    StayFocusd : Record time to stay focussed

    Momentum : Record and keep target of Small goals, a clock, and reminders to stay focussed to increase productivity