Essential browser extensions + other digital tips

I am doing a bit of 'fall cleaning' as it were of my tabs, accounts, browsers and other miscellaneous digital footprint type of activities.

I am ripe for browser tips and method suggestions but particularly interested in browser extensions, browser opinions and overall usage tips. 

  • What browser do you use? Why? What do you think about some alternatives like Ecosia or DuckDuckGo?

  • What extensions do you have or recommend to others (pw managers, security, ad-blockers, anti-tracking, etc.)
  • How do you organize your digital life via tabs, folders and your bookmarks bar?
  • How often do you clean up your tabs, files, or digital footprint?

Please comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

  • nice topic to learn too.
    I use Brave's light and fast, and has basic security protection...most especially AD block.
    limits cookie and cache storage, and Ad disability with the Shield button....the only extension i have is Lastpass PW manager, and download managers.(you should raise a topic about that
    My tabs are smart, i dont like to keep open tabs for long..thats why i have the history..keeping multiple tabs for long reduces system performance as a part of the RAM is assigned to keep them open.
    I clean histories.cache,cookies...once a month

  • As the digital age progresses, it is essential to ensure that you are using the right tools and strategies to stay organized. While there are many different browsers, it is important to select a browser that best suits your needs and preferences. I use Google Chrome as my go-to web browser due to its easy synchronization of my bookmarks, tabs, and search history between devices. Lenovo is a beautiful brand that can help with daily projects.

    I also rely heavily on the various extensions available for Chrome to boost my productivity. I recommend investing in an AI writer such as I also use Tube Buddy for the YouTube video stats. To help with writing documents, tools like Grammarly are very helpful. I clean up my computer after a hard day at home; depending on the software, this can be a piece of cake.

    Know thy computer, and life will be so much easier. Practice with your tools daily, and more time can be spent thinking, "I finally made it!"

  • Chrome.

    Technoloigy Developer/ Productivity essential extensions : POSTMan, JSON Viewer, Evernote Web clipper

    Others: Honey, Adblock Plus, Google Calendar, Dark Reader, StayFocusd, Momentum

  • I love Brave, I use it on all my computers, phone and tablet. 

  • I use Brave which is a more secure version of Chrome.  The Chrome webstore works with it so you can still get your favorite extensions.  I use as my search engine.  It still uses google as the search engine, but it is more private.  Like Duck Duck Go uses Bing, but is more private.  I create folders on my bookmarks to keep categories separate (Personal, Work, Side business, Financial...)  About the only extension that is an absolute requirement is Last Pass.  I move the shortcuts I use the most to the top of the list withing each folder.  Every few months I will look toward the bottom and see if there are any I don't use or that do not work any longer.    

  • Evernote Webclipper : Take screenshots of web pages, applications, documents etc and record them in the Evernote notes. (Evernote is a scribing application and is free for individual and limited usage)

    POSTMan : Execute play and integrate with APIs / Web Services for Systems integration

    JSON Viewer : Formatting JSON data in readable format, explore JSON documents

    Honey : Applies discount coupons on different retail websites we try to shop

    Adblick Plus : Stop ads and popups

    Dark Reader : Change the website articles to have dark background for pleasent reading experience

    StayFocusd : Record time to stay focussed

    Momentum : Record and keep target of Small goals, a clock, and reminders to stay focussed to increase productivity

  • I use FoxClocks. Shows me the time of all the countries or states I want on right under the bookmark bar.

  • Waaah ! I think I will be the one who will learn more than let know anything