Travel Planning: Recommendations, recollections and future trips

Inspired by most memorable food and drinks while traveling, most memorable vacation.

We have got quite the crew of international travelers here in the Community! Airplane Statue of libertyVolcano Tokyo towerJapanese castle

So, I wanted to create this forum in hopes that we can give and receive travel advice and recommendations based on where we all have been and where we all hope to go. 

To get the most out of this thread, please consider crafting a highly thoughtful response as a question, recommendation or thoughts on future plans. Here are some ideas:

A. Where You've Been:

Do you have a mini travel/location review to write about a trip, city, wild place or area around the globe that you really enjoyed?

  • Where did you go?
  • What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?
  • How long did you go?
  • What was the general cost pp ($, $$, $$$)?
  • Any food or excursion recommendations?
  • What you wish you had known before you went
  • What you would do if you ever got to go back (if you ever do want to return)
  • What was it good for?: Adventure, leisure, family time, culture, food, arts, social life, relaxation, romance, etc.
  • "You wouldn't like it if..."

B. Where You Want to Go:

Do you want travel tips, insights and recommendations for an upcoming trip? Amazing! Share with the community:

  • Where are you going? Country, city, region, etc.
  • Why are you going (Adventure, leisure, family time, culture, food, arts, social life, relaxation, romance, etc.)
  • How long are you going for?
  • What would you like to spend ($, $$, $$$)?
  • Do you have any food or leisure interests?
  • What are you most looking forward to doing?
  • What is your 'style' or travel or what would be good for others to know about you if they offer a recommendation?

C. Tip or quick recommendation

Don't have a novel in you to write today? That's okay! Please do chime in with a quick rec!

  • Place to travel to
  • Restaurant recommendation
  • Transportation/getting around tip
  • Must-sees
  • Bucket list
  • Specific excursion
  • etc.

Maybe we can even make a mini travel guide from the Lenovo Pro Community (of course, with perfectly poised pictures of our ThinkPads living life around the globe - like that cute Travelocity gnome!).  


  • I went to Ocean Isle Beach, NC. I liked that I could travel by bicycle anywhere, and everyone was positive. There aren't any sore spots about this paradise. I booked a home for two weeks, and I ended up purchasing a home nearby. It was priced according to the season that a person chose to visit. The high season was priced at 2000.00 a week for a rental home. Sharkies is the best place to go. There isn't anything I wish I would have known before I went. I bought a home nearby so I can always visit. It is a very relaxing place here. I would not like it if the ocean overtook the island.

  • Travel Planning Doc

    I'm headed to 10 cities in 7 months!

    Las Vegas
    Buenos Aires

    • Ulanbataar in summer
    • Beautiful country.
    • Absolutely not vegan friendly (when I last went >10 years ago). I was there for a couple of weeks and subsisted on bad pizza and a couple of chocolate bars. Presumably better now.
    • Viciously cold in winter.
  • We've recently moved from Hawaii to California and are so happy to be able to now travel by car instead of heavily relying of the airlines.  We like to travel on the cheap and driving gives us the most flexibility.

    The best tip I can give is to get the IHG Premiere card and use points to stay and their hotels.  We've saved a lot of money on our stays.  I won't go into the benefits as I don't want this to look like an ad.

    We've lived in Hawaii and the West Coast all of our lives so would love to finally see the east coast (New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces).  It would be the longest drive we've ever made.

    BTW, if like to hike and ever travel to Oahu, look for a hiking club instead of setting out on your own.  You may get to try a hike you never would have found on your own.

  • been all over the globe, love more interesting cultures. be prepared and safe. 

    sitges Spain was the most recent  - great beaches, food and exploring.

    Bali - very low cost, friendly people and good food and beaches.. 

    nest for work and pleasure N. Carolina, London, Austria, N. Carolina, n. Florida, Frankfurt Germany, Puerto Rico..

  • My wife, daughter, and I rented a house in Santa Rosa Beach, FL near South Walton.  We were a golf cart ride away from everything.  It was reasonably priced, and we went there during the 30a Songwriters Festival.  There were some nice restaurants along with a lot of good entertainment and concerts during this festival.  I would recommend it.  Think it's coming back again in January 2024.

  • I've been to many countries, but my favorite of all is Japan.  It is truly amazing to see a river flowing through the center of a city that is absolutely beautiful spotless, amazingly clear water and I bet you could probably drink it.  Compare that to Paris, London, New York, Shanghai.... Yeah, you would most likely die if you even considered swimming in any of those rivers :).  There is so much culture, people are super friendly and helpful, beautiful scenery, castles, and amazing transportation.  

  • I have never traveled outside of the US. But for those who are considering visiting the US I would recommend them visiting some of out national parks, especially those in Utah and Arizona. Those parks are filled with endless rock formations that seem as though they could not possibly have been formed merely by wind and water. Walking through Bryce Canyon looks like something from a fictional world. I also enjoy Carlsbad Caverns in eastern New Mexico.

  • My family visited Niagara Falls in Canada and other parts of Toronto. Took about a month to plan and budget for. Helps to plan ahead of time to avoid price hikes last minute or cancellations.

  • Always remove the tags of your previous trips, to avoid them being accidentally scanned to help avoid lost luggage .