Preferred online learning platform?

If you're a student of life, odds are you're not only reading books and hungry for new ideas - you're probably advancing your skills with certifications, courses and other forms of continued learning. 

So drop a vote in the poll below and tell us: What is your favorite online learning platform. 

Please also feel free to share other resources you've found!

  • I take additional classes from Community Colleges.

  • I use CBT Nuggets online for their excellent videos and virtual labs. Highly recommend it for hands on learning and access to a lot of different IT topics.

  • The platform has very little to do with it IMO.  The course material wins overall, even if the platform gets in the way.  I’ve used probably 8-10 platforms, and still chose based on course content.  It doesn’t matter what color mug you give me, but how the tea tasted is key!

  • The primary place I turn to for learning a new skill is youtube. The large number of "How-to" videos allow me to learn how to complete a task or project that would have previously seemed impossible. I know that in many industries it is important to refresh your skills because the techniques evolve so rapidly as technology becomes ingrained into these systems, and online learning platforms are a great way to stay up to date without having to quit your job to go sit in a class room.

  • Depends but mostly LinkedIn. Skillsoft/skillshare and even Youtube

  • Linkedin most likely because it's mostly tailored

  • Coursera is once of the best in my opinion when it comes to authenticity.

  • Depends on the subject and intended audience.  Pluralsight has a large amount of content, but sometimes free Youtube works for a specific subject or need.

  • It really depends on the subject you are studying. For me I use Duolingo and supplement with youtube, when I've saved some more I'm going to take some courses off of Coursera!