Most Memorable Food and drinks while traveling

In the "What's the most memorable vacation you've ever taken?" discussion, we started talking about some of the most memorable parts of our travels was the food and drinks we had. What are your most memorable foods and drinks you had on your travels? Share photos too.

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  • This is a repeat of my post from the memorable vacation discussion but I'm adding a photo.

    My favorite food memories from my travels are:

    • Kilauea, Kauai, HI - town Christmas celebration - had standard Christmas food but it was fun celebrating with the whole town.
    • Mexico City, Mexico - Chapulines with lime and hot sauce - chapulines are grasshoppers
    • Mexico City, Mexico - Chilaquile Torta sandwiches from a street vendor - The lines for this vendor vary from 30-90 minutes for the 4 hours they are open. Worth the wait!
    • Kowloon, Hong Kong - Cheung Fun rolls - rice noodle sheets rolled up with either shrimp, beef, pork, or fried bread stick.
    • Paris, France - Squid Ink pasta

    The squid ink pasta was rich and had a briny flavor with a light amount of saltiness.

  • It seems like an interesting taste. To try
  • I recommend that you try it out.

  • For sure I will.

    Also, I will have something special next week that I will share with you n a picture 

  • I will try to see if I can find these concoctions online. I will either have the cook mix them up or have them shipped to me. If they are great, I would like to know! 

  • I have driven down I-80 through Wyoming a few different times and in both directions you will see billboards  for miles beforehand advertising a convenience store called "Little America" and their $.50 ice cream cones. I have stopped there and gotten gas, but not an ice cream, but I have always remembered those signs advertising their ice cream.  The store is in the middle of nowhere.

  • Here are the traditional cakes of my native country.
    I don't have my own photo, because I only take them for the holidays.
    almonds, walnuts, honey, ... A pure delight.
  • meat pies in New Zealand! I should have expected it with the British background but I was surprised at how there were tiny bakeries simply everywhere with them.

  • Thank you for starting this   Can't wait to see what everyone shares - especially the photos! 

    I will take a look through my photos and see what I find to correspond to the following foods! 

    • Sesame seed alfredo pasta on my recent trip to Banff, Canada
    • Nutella crepe wandering streets in St. Malo, France
    • Meat pie, classic Sunday roast and much other food in England
    • 5 course, homemade German Christmas Eve dinner with a German family


  • Those look delicious. Where is your native country?