TrackPoint Defender: Earn your Star Defender Badge!

How well can you defend the galaxy? Play TrackPoint Defender

Get the low-down on how to play TrackPoint Defender here then post your thoughts and scores below to earn the coveted badge "Star Defender!"


Huge shoutout to  and the team for creating such an incredible game!

Can you beat the current record holder?  

  • Very, very poorly. Nowhere near coordinated enough for this. Also (and I know this is anathema) I don't like the TrackPoint.

  • Haha!  Fun, although, I got a low score.

  • That was fun!  But, I didn't do so good :(

  • This reminds me of the old Atari game Asteroids. I was not very good at that game either. 

  • Never heard of it. I have never been good at video games. Give me good old fashioned pinball 

  • i've really under-utilized the thinkpad trackpoint...i dont know it's use