What is your favorite brand of desk chair?

What is your favorite brand of desk chair? Do you have a favorite model?

  • Thank you! I will check it out!

  • I don't have a favorite brand, but I love my yoga ball and button back swivel chair! 

  • No particular brand, so long as it's comfortable, and adjustable.

  • Very good question !

    I am looking for THE good desk chair who will ally work and health.

    I heard about balloon,

    not sure about thé results, but has a good réputation.

  • I use a standing desk, so my answer would have to be the two bean poles I call my legs.

  • Haworth is the brand and I use a bespoke Fern. 

  • I can describe what I like - faux leather with firm yet sufficient cushioning, height and pitch adjustment. But no particular brand behind it - I never bothered to check the brands when they were provided for me, and now I work mostly standing at home so no need to splurge!