Digital Transformation Projects: Tips & Recs

Have you overhauled your organizational systems and digitized your workflows? Are you in the middle of a digitization project right now?

What are your tips for others looking to update their systems and workflows? What has your experience been like with digitalization?

Please share your thoughts and experiences below! 

  • Start small.  We have about 70 employees some of which are die hard paper users.  I started with one small tasks and showed them the convenience and costs savings.  Since then we have moved multiple tasks to being all digital. Also make sure to show the value to the people in charge, it will make your task much easier.   

  • I am stuck in the Stone Age in many respects, but I have found myself relying more on digital documentation and file storage as opposed to physical copies of things and file folders and cabinets. It's not a 100% transition, but I have been impressed with the advances in touchscreen technology and such that has allowed for real signatures to be applied digitally signed documents and sent much quicker than physical copies would ever allow. Again, not an organized effort on my part but rather a trend I've seemed to be adopting. Now to get those file systems and names in order... Sweat smile

  • I believe organization is very important. When you have a group of people working on documents for a single project, there needs to be a planned out file naming scheme and a well organized file structure.

  • we went to datacomp to manage our workflow years ago and it has been easy

  • The future of workflow. Any alternative?

  • Try Microsoft's Power Automate. Just look up "Power Automate" on youtube and be blown away. Sooo much can be automated, and frees you up to do more important tasks and/or work on non-mundane things..

  • I still prefer [paper invoices and receipts. I like to have them all out in front of me or in a filing cabinet. I think the hard copy is much better than hoping I can access them digitally.

  • take and make notes, document as much as you can

  • I dont really know much on this topic but with all the changes in the world that we are in I would be interested in learning more on this .  I think going forward it would be importent to look into and consider.