Digital Transformation Projects: Tips & Recs

Have you overhauled your organizational systems and digitized your workflows? Are you in the middle of a digitization project right now?

What are your tips for others looking to update their systems and workflows? What has your experience been like with digitalization?

Please share your thoughts and experiences below! 

  • Decide on a consistent file naming scheme - for yourself, since it's impossible to get others to use one.

  • My team recently restructured our file system.

    Each top-level folder has an owner and description. We hope this keeps stuff better organized.

  • It is sooo efficient to work on an intégrated system. Opérations and reviews works automatically ! We insure quality, volume and reviews 

  • When it comes to digitizing workflows, there are a few key tips and strategies that can help ensure success.

    First, creating a comprehensive plan is essential before beginning the process. This will help define the scope and timeline of your project and provide you with a roadmap of what needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

    Second, pay attention to details and be diligent in creating logical, efficient, and easy-to-follow workflows by anyone who uses them. Thoughtfulness and inclusivity are important.  Consider the user experience when designing workflows and how individual tasks can integrate into more extensive work processes.

    Third, make sure your workflows are secure and reliable. Ensure that your workflows are safely backed up, tested for accuracy, and updated as needed in order to maintain their reliability over time.

    Finally, ensure that you have the right tools at hand when starting a digitalization project. Evaluate the different work management solutions available today to find one that best fits your needs.

  • We went to eSign for many things over the last few years.  It has sped up signature response time significantly.

  • that is a good idea to digitalize workflow,, there is so much transition happening

  • I really like this question, it is an important consideration.

    There are different phases of work. Often the common sense method works, if you are doing a task one-off or very few times.

    However, when you do a task often, you should consider quality management, continuous improvement, and the subset of process improvement.

    You can save many hours by putting in this effort!

    The details of how to do this, however, depend on the exact process attributes -- there is no one simple "one size fits all" solution. The more you tailor, the better the result.

  • take your time and think about who will be using the workflow and make sure it is clear to them