Is your organization slow or quick to adopt tech changes?

Everyone adopts to new tech differently. What about you and/or your organization?

  • It all depends on the tech changes. We were an early adopter of Office 365, which was named BPOS(Business Productivity Online Suite) at the time. It helped that the VP of the organization had some technical understanding and the whole leadership team understood that adopting new technologies improves productivity. Some other technology changes take more work to plan out implementation, training, and transition.

  • We have adopted certain technology such as VOIP, Employee Chat, Cloud Drives, and Project Management Software early on.  But we have been careful not to adopt technology that doesn't provide a dramatic improvement for the cost and training hours necessary to use.  

  • Well, as we are really a tech company, it would not be good if we didn't adopt to changes quickly.  Since we need to learn, adopt, then train other organizations, we have to not only adopt but absorb.  

  • We're not cutting edge by any stretch of imagination, but I like to think we have a decent enough handle on the basics of business tech and use what we need well.

  • In my opinion, the speed at which an organization adopts technological changes can vary greatly. Organizations that are quick to adopt new technologies tend to be more successful in the long term, as they can take advantage of the latest innovations and stay ahead of their competition. Organizations that are slower to adopt new technologies may miss out on potential benefits as they use outdated solutions that may not meet their needs. As a result, organizations should assess how quickly they can adopt new technologies to ensure their success. cuteenglishteacher LLC adopts the technology as soon as we can so that we can teach students the terminology so that they can be successful.

  • there are two of us and we are as fast as we can adapt!

  • Slow, I suppose, since I don't adopt new technology until I feel the need.

  • We're a small, niche publisher and kinda slow to adopt new tech, due to the cost of changeovers. 

  • they are slow and very cautious