Security Cameras

Do you prefer wired or wifi connected cameras to monitor your home and business? Wifi is much more convenient, but I really prefer to have the stable connection of a wired camera if at all possible.

  • I prefer POE wired cameras, makes it easy to connect and provide power to the camera

  • I'm with   on this one.

    POE wherever possible. Where it's not (e.g. property monitoring, trail-cams), use an attached WiFi access point or LoRaWAN.

  • Good comments. PoE or POE stands for power-over-ethernet, meaning you can transmit the power over the twisted pair cabling, such as CAT 5e cabling.

    On the other end of the spectrum on this, I would avoid cameras that are battery powered for several reasons:

    1. logistics (needing to replace often)

    2. environment (even rechargable are disposed of at some point)

    3. cost (additional purchases after the original purchase)

  • When choosing between wired or wifi connected cameras for home and business surveillance, I considered some vital factors. To begin with, if the camera needs to be placed far away from the primary router, for instance, wifi cameras would not be suitable – POE wired cameras are recommended in such cases. A wired connection allows for a more secure and reliable signal, while wifi cameras may be subject to interference from other nearby wifi devices or networks. Furthermore, a power supply component must be considered – POE wired cameras will require an Ethernet cable connected to a power source. In contrast, wifi cameras must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Thus, understanding the particular needs of my home and business surveillance, I believe the setup is essential when deciding between wired and wifi-connected cameras. Security and reliability were my top priorities, so I chose POE-wired cameras. These were the best choice for my surveillance system. With their reliable connection and secure data transmission, I ensured my business was monitored continuously and my footage safe.

    On the other hand, wifi cameras offer a more convenient setup with their wireless connection. Plus, they are often more affordable and easier to install. Ultimately, the choice between wired and wifi cameras depends on the specific requirements of your surveillance system. Both offer advantages and disadvantages that one should consider before making a decision. For example, POE wired cameras provide a more reliable solution if one is looking for broad coverage of an area with no obstructions like walls or furniture. One can ensure continual coverage and operation with a direct connection to the power supply and secure data transmission. On the other hand, if one needs flexible placement of the cameras with minimal cabling requirements, then wifi cameras may be the better option. They are easy to set up and can be moved around as needed, making them an attractive choice for temporary or mobile surveillance setups.

  • Wired PoE security cameras are preferred over Wifi for business. Wireless is not as reliable as wired. If you are trying to protect your business, you want the best reliability and not have to worry about changing\charging batteries or having to worry about someone unplugging the power cord.

    In a home, I think it's different. All the benefits are wired still apply for the home but sometimes it's almost impossible to run Ethernet to all the areas you would like to have coverage. There are situations where we can only install a Wifi based camera.