Canadian/French Keyboard vs. US Keyboard - Differences?

Does anyone have any experiences in these keyboards and what are expected differences between them to look for? My beloved PSREF is failing me on this one because it apparently doesn't cover accessories, but I'd really like a TrackPoint II Wireless Keyboard and there is currently stock of the Canadian/French version but not of the US version (which is rarer than a unicorn at this point!). I can't tell at a glance what is different.


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  • Hey   Sorry I missed this! That is a great question. I do not know off the top of my head, but I will look into it and try and find out and report back here :)

  •  , no worries! It was aimed at the community in general in case anyone had knowledge of it. Thanks for looking into it!

  • Okay   Sorry about that, took longer than I planned. Here we go - the main difference between these keyboards is in the general layout. 

    My team even sent pictures so you can see the layout differences side-by-side! For example, the T14 Gen3, (21AH/21AJ) are the US English vs Canadian French keyboards. 

    Does that help? 

    US English Keyboard

    French Canadian Keyboard

  •   , that's spot on. Thanks! Looks like I'll probably want to stick with the US keyboard - I wouldn't know what to do with all the extra keys!!

  • No problem! Gotcha. Well, good luck - hopefully you can find a US one soon! Fingers crossed

  • I was able to snag one in the shop!

  • Oh that is amazing! So glad to hear that! 

  • I was not aware that the two were different. Aside from the metric system, our two countries are very similar.

  • I know, you'd think the difference would be negligible at best. Apparently not!