Lighted overlay for unlimited keyboard?

Hello I was wondering if they make a lighted keyboard overlay for my older Lenovo that doesn't have lighted keys. It's a laptop Idea pad bit the keys don't light. In the dark it's terrible. If they do make such a product, what would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  • Hey  I know 100% understand this struggle. The unlit keys make it really hard to type in the dark haha! From the Lenovo side, I don't believe we have a product for this. But the alternative options if you're willing to swap something out or maybe look into glow in the dark stickers might be the solution?! Hopefully one of these works out for you?! 

  • There are many YouTube videos. That is if you are willing to replace.

  • I've never heard of what you are specifically looking for, but maybe try glow in the dark keyboard stickers? Also, depending on the IdeaPad model and your comfort disassembling your laptop, you may be able to purchase an OEM keyboard that is backlit and swap it out. I can't say that IdeaPads are known to be service-friendly in that regard, unlike the ThinkPad lines, but it may be possible.

  • You can buy small lights that plug into your USB port. I have one that i use when i am in dimly lit rooms. I plug it in and position it over the keyboard. it is not as good as a backlit keyboard, but it allows me to see the keys.