Cables and cords - how do you manage?

We want to hear from our IT experts out there (and anyone who loves organizing) - how do you DEAL with cable and cord management?

  • What recommendations do you give users?
  • What do you do yourself to keep sane with all your cords/wires?
  • How often do you clean and organize cords/cables?
  • How do you keep track of loose wires, chargers, adapters and other similar items not being used?

Please share any of your tips, recommendations or experience with the community below. 

  • I use bongo ties for my radio cords in the field and neoprene sleeves fastened with velco on my desktops. Easy and neat!

  • Thank you for the tip and link.

  • Same. The velcro straps are very convenient. 

  • I don't do it for other people really, but I like power strips - they keep all my cords connected in one place and allow me to route them accordingly. I also like Velcro ties as they can organize yet be reused (unlike zip ties, which also endanger your cords on removal!), and I'm taking a liking recently to cord guides that can be installed around desk edges and such to help with cord placement (I have only really seen them used extensively in Japan, but the idea is growing on me as the number of cords around any one piece of furniture seems to grow year by year).

    Loose wires and such are hopeless. Especially the things that you think you no longer need (like a single to split AUX jack for headphones, which apparently is a fairly common connector needed for European and Middle Eastern airplanes these days) and have gotten lost when the need resurfaces. Also USB-A and other slightly outdated connectors are a pain, since you always seem to need to keep one or two around.

    PRO Tip: Staples will recycle electronics, including your cables and cords, for free! See more here.

  • Beautiful! Wish I had the head for that.

  • Nobody likes this snakes nest of is unsightly and a real PITA when trying to diagnose a problem. Do yourself, and your end users, a favor and embrace the Cable OCD! :)
    Kudos to  for his beautiful cabling work! 

    We use these at our home, where feasible, to keep things tidy and the cable snakes at bay. 

  • I use cable ties to keep them fairly organized, but i just accept that they  are going to be there, and it is going to look a bit messy.