Cables and cords - how do you manage?

We want to hear from our IT experts out there (and anyone who loves organizing) - how do you DEAL with cable and cord management?

  • What recommendations do you give users?
  • What do you do yourself to keep sane with all your cords/wires?
  • How often do you clean and organize cords/cables?
  • How do you keep track of loose wires, chargers, adapters and other similar items not being used?

Please share any of your tips, recommendations or experience with the community below. 

  • In our server rooms and closets, we label all our Ethernet and fiber optic cables on both ends. I also designate different colors for different use of cables.

    Color Usage
    Blue End-user
    Green Printers
    Yellow Servers & NAS

    Switches, APs, & FIrewall

    I bundle the cables with velcro strips. They are easy to unravel, reusable, and wider than zip ties. Tip: Do not overtighten your zip ties or velcro, which can damage your cables. You can buy large rolls of 8" 3M velcro which comes out to $0.01/velcro strip. The velcro also makes it easy to attach cables to our server rack for keeping everything clean.

    For our smaller areas with fewer cables, I use these multicable staples made by Gardner Bender. I screw them to the wall, rafters, or other areas where I run cables.

    I try to clean each location once a year.

    As for all our spare cables, velcro and storage bins are the best! I bundle each cable with velcro and organize them in storage bins. For Ethernet cables, I divide them in different bins according to lengths, so if I need a 14' cable, I don't have to look through a pile. For some cables where I don't have too many, I cut up boxes and put the cables in the boxes and place those in the bin.

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