Cables and cords - how do you manage?

We want to hear from our IT experts out there (and anyone who loves organizing) - how do you DEAL with cable and cord management?

  • What recommendations do you give users?
  • What do you do yourself to keep sane with all your cords/wires?
  • How often do you clean and organize cords/cables?
  • How do you keep track of loose wires, chargers, adapters and other similar items not being used?

Please share any of your tips, recommendations or experience with the community below. 

  • Organizing power cords and cables can be challenging, especially as more devices connect to power sources. To ensure your power cords are organized and easily accessible, we recommend the following tips:

    - Label power cords with tags or markers so you know which device each cord belongs to. This will help save time when plugging in and unplugging power cords.

    - Group power cords with zip ties or cable organizers to keep them tidy. This will help reduce clutter, making it easier to find the power cord you need.

    - Create a designated storage area for power cords and other electronics that are not currently in use. Keeping power cords and other devices off the floor and out of sight can help make your space look more organized.

    - Clean power cords regularly to ensure they are free from dust and dirt buildup. This will help keep power cords in good working order for a longer period of time.

    - Finally, be mindful when disconnecting power cords as forcefully yanking them out of power sources can cause damage to both power cords and devices.

  • Buy velcro cable ties in bulk and use them everywhere. 

    If you have a few cables that or in sight, buy a cable sleeve to make it look nicer.

    Whenever you're making a nest of cables, ask yourself if you'll be proud of what you've made in one year Joy

  • In our server rooms and closets, we label all our Ethernet and fiber optic cables on both ends. I also designate different colors for different use of cables.

    Color Usage
    Blue End-user
    Green Printers
    Yellow Servers & NAS

    Switches, APs, & FIrewall

    I bundle the cables with velcro strips. They are easy to unravel, reusable, and wider than zip ties. Tip: Do not overtighten your zip ties or velcro, which can damage your cables. You can buy large rolls of 8" 3M velcro which comes out to $0.01/velcro strip. The velcro also makes it easy to attach cables to our server rack for keeping everything clean.

    For our smaller areas with fewer cables, I use these multicable staples made by Gardner Bender. I screw them to the wall, rafters, or other areas where I run cables.

    I try to clean each location once a year.

    As for all our spare cables, velcro and storage bins are the best! I bundle each cable with velcro and organize them in storage bins. For Ethernet cables, I divide them in different bins according to lengths, so if I need a 14' cable, I don't have to look through a pile. For some cables where I don't have too many, I cut up boxes and put the cables in the boxes and place those in the bin.

  • I need to fix them.  Top of my desk always looks clean, but below my desk gets to be a jumbled mess.

  • For on the desk, I am a big fan of Laptop docks, makes everything simple and neat - ThinkPad Universal Docking Station USB C | Lenovo US

  • I also use several of these Charging Stations at home for all of our devices - 

  • Except for power, I go cordless, with a big drawer full of bags of cables I keep just in case.

  • Rodney, That's a great idea. I need to get one of those for my wife and kids tablets. Which brand and model do you recommend?

  • I just got one on Amazon, this is the one I have, and it works great, depending what kind of devices you have you may want to get some more short cables, most of our devices are USB-C so I ended up getting a pack of short USB-C cables as well - Fastest Charging Station with QC Quick Charge 3.0, COSOOS 63W 12A 6-Port USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices with 6 Mixed Short Cable & iWatch Stand, Multi Charger Station for Cell Phone, Tablet : Cell Phones & Accessories