ThinkPhone - What's Your Take?

Lenovo just announced the ThinkPhone at CES this past week. What do you think of it?

Leave your thoughts in the discussion below! Read more about the ThinkPhone here.

  • I think the only way to know for sure is to get hands on with it. hint, hint  Wink

  • I think it is very cool, and a great idea. However, I'm not sure I'm fully ready to switch to an Android phone at this time.

    If I did, it would be important to ensure the latest version of Android OS is maintained at the latest possible version, quickly after each Android release of a new OS.

  • Ooo, good idea Rodney.  I would love to raffle away some of the new stuff from CES. I'll have to keep an eye on availability. 

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      , I think you've touched upon the most difficult challenge of Android - keeping it updated and supported long enough. Most companies seem to fall short there, either due to negligence, desire to provide a custom OS, or view toward pushing the latest model.

    I'm cautiously positive about this phone, but I'm also wary Motorola/Lenovo won't be able to keep it up to date or support it long enough to make it a good investment.

  •  good comments.

    It would really help their marketing, and sales, if they promised up front something like:

    "We will ensure the most current Android OS and security updates for the next 5 years, until December 2028."

    A simple forward promise, such as this, builds credibility and adds value as a service.

    It also lowers the barriers of risk and concern for the consumer.

    By the way, as Covey says, this is a "win-win".

    A secure business product is what both Lenovo and Motorola would want to have associated with both their brands and long term strategies for market growth.

  • Caveat: I've worked for both Motorola (pre-Lenovo-days) and Microsoft (was in the Windows Phone group for a short time).

    I think this is a good idea and long overdue. 

    When I was at Moto, this was during the time when Moto was partnering with Microsoft to put Windows CE on Moto hardware. We were hoping for something like ReadyFor, but it didn't happen.

    Then, during my second term at MSFT, we were working on adding the Surface Hub capabilities to Windows Phone, which allows a very similar scenario to ReadyFor. This worked for quite a while and many users got used to the functionality of a laptop without having to carry one around (just the phone and a little hockey-puck-sized hub).

    We all saw what happened to the Windows Phone. At least I can say that it didn't happen on my watch, since I'd already left MSFT by then.

    So, now we have both the ThinkPhone and ReadyFor from Motorola/Lenovo. This is, to me, a trifecta of sorts. 

    As soon as it becomes available, I plan to deploy this throughout our company and our contract staff.

    Please, please put me on the list. If you need any early-adopter testing, please add me to that list as well - anything to help out and make this work.

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    That's why, outside of the large makers like Google and Apple, I appreciated companies like Essential that were willing to make that promise up front and stick with it as much as possible (Essential unfortunately folding for other reasons).

  • While I am sure it is a great device I am sticking with Apple for one primary reason. I do some IT work on the side and most of my clients have iPhone.  If they call me and have a problem I need to see, switching to Facetime is one button.  I know that Android has similar apps, but they have to be setup ahead of time.  I had Androids from the very first droid until I got an iPhone11.  I miss some of the features (texting from a non apple browser), but the simplicity of Facetime has become a necessity for me.  

  • I have not seen this, so now i have some homework to do.