What portable printers are handy to take on the road while traveling?

Does anyone have any suggestions concerning portable printers?

  • I am very interested to hear the responses on this as this is a great question. Thank you for asking Judith!!

  • I am so excited.  I would love to know what the group thinks.

  • What are you wanting to print?  What are you wanting to print from, computer, Android, iOS?   I know of some good portable photo printers, but have not looked into standard printers.

  •  I am looking to print instructions for doing various tasks when I have cell phone service. I will take the printed instructions with me so that I know what to do when I get to a work site. Most of the work sites in this upcoming year do not have cell phone service. The work sites are on islands. I have an I phone mini, and an android. I am really interested in a machine that can copy, scan and print. I would like the printer to have Bluetooth capabilities. Thank you for all of your thoughts and help. Happy New Year.

  •  adding in the copy and scan is going to add quite a bit of size.  You might be better off getting a small printer and a small scanner.  

  •  Thank you for your advice. I will certainly look at one today. I found a small HP 3755. I will find something to compare it with Thank you for your help.

  •   Looks like that will probably work for you.  A couple of things I did see on that printer.  It will not print from Android, but should work from your iPhone.  Last time I looked at the instant ink function, the printer had to periodically check in with HP over the internet.  Since you will be going places that don't have coverage, make sure to let it update where you have service.  

  •  Thank you so, so much for that information. I will take that into consideration. Ink can be a problem if I am not prepare too.

  • If you can work your checklist or form into a format that would print narrow on a receipt, I recommend the Phomemo.


    It costs about $50, and the paper is about $15 for 3 rolls.

    I have used mine for 1 year, charged its battery once the full year!

    Plus, the 3 rolls lasted close to 10 months, for my work.

    I have designed all the forms I need to fit.

    Seriously great upside--no ink! It is thermal print.

  • Thank you  I will compare that one too. You are a great help!