Wearables - what do you think?

You're making your list and your checking it twice - your gift list of course. As you gear up for some holiday gifting giving, are wearables making an appearance?
  • Are you considering smart wearables for any family or friends as a gift?
  • How do you feel about wearable technology?
  • Do you feel more or less comfortable with the idea of wearing smart tech?
Please share your thoughts in the comments below and best of luck finding the perfect little something for the loved ones in your life this season.
  • I am a fan of wearables. However, smart devices and wearables might make the list of items to avoid as a gift. They could be seen as intrusive, perhaps insulting, and even in rare cases could attach some legal liability.

    So, if you read the industry news, you will occasionally see this on "do not give" lists.

    So, I think wearables are great, however, you should only purchase them for yourself.

  • Even if I did not have an accent, it is still more work.  You have to stop each time to tell it what to send and review what it heard.  Then you have to wait for a reply, I might have moved on to other things waiting for the reply and lost my train of thought. 

  • LOL - so overall doesn't work for you haha. I use it now and then if I need to send a little some thing while driving or have a short text that is easier to send by voice and I'm busy doing something else. Interesting also what you say about phone calls - I love audio books and podcasts for the same reason. I can do multiple things like work on a project and read at the same time haha. But my generation do much more texting even though it does take time. I think we are so used to it we don't even realize more efficient options. Phone calls feel so obtrusive sometimes haha. Texting is much more down-low. 

  • I just got a Galaxy Watch to try for the first time, still not sold on it.

  • The smart rings I've heard about are the Oura Rings. https://ouraring.com/ They monitor your sleep and activity.

  • Audiobooks and podcast have taken over my listening for the past 14 years. I would have never "read" so many books without multi-tasking with audiobooks while driving, walking the dog and etc. There are times where after I drive home, I sit in the car to finish listening to a section of the book or podcasts.

  • I was an early adopter of the Fitbit Fit in 2009. Having the tracker encouraged me to walk more. This was needed because my job was mostly a desk job for 9 hours a day. It was small and unobtrusive that I just slipped in my pocket every day.

    I saw the Apple watch when it came out but I love watches and did not want to replace it with any smart watch. When I my Fitbit One finally died, all the current Fitbits were wristband versions so I switched to that and wore it on my right wrist with my wristwatch on my left. I always like the information that the smart watches provided. When Apple came out with the always on display in the Apple Watch series 5, I finally told my wife I'm ready to switch. She got it for me for Christmas and I just wore it on my right wrist with my mechanical watch on my left wrist. I was "double wristing" as they say in the watch world. I get made fun by my brother-in-law for it but I don't care.

    I love smart watches, Apple Watch is my smartwatch of choice. I like them because:

    • Having notifications that I can easily glance at
    • Ability to I take phone calls when I cannot access my smartphone
    • Having the weather available
    • Seeing my calendar of events

    Wristwatches are fun. They look great and I think watches are mechanical marvels.

  • Very nice. Quite inspirational.  

  • Thank you, Judith. Brew is a microbrand that has been in the press everywhere and they have become very sought-after. They have been sold out on their website for awhile. I went to a watch fair in April and they were there. Originally I wanted a brown color one, which they had. After walking around looking at the other booths. They were all sold out and no longer produced. I picked up this one and I love it.

  • That's so cool Daniel! Wow, I love the two watches haha. Interesting you can see your calendar on them too. The picture is amazing too - I get it so much more now seeing the picture haha!