Wearables - what do you think?

You're making your list and your checking it twice - your gift list of course. As you gear up for some holiday gifting giving, are wearables making an appearance?
  • Are you considering smart wearables for any family or friends as a gift?
  • How do you feel about wearable technology?
  • Do you feel more or less comfortable with the idea of wearing smart tech?
Please share your thoughts in the comments below and best of luck finding the perfect little something for the loved ones in your life this season.
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  • I used to wear a smartwatch, but it just became to much of a hassle to wear plus I like the freedom of not having something on my wrist, I am intrigued by the smart rings though and like the idea of being able to track my sleep

  • I have been wearing a watch long before smart watches to it was an easy transition.  When I don't have a watch on I feel like something is missing. I am only at my desk about 20% of the time, the ability to see notifications without to having to take my phone of my pocket it wonderful.  Also not always having to carry a phone with me since I can take calls on my watch is nice.  I have been using Bluetooth earbuds since the big ugly foam things that hung off you ear. I spent 10 years working for a MSP so I was either actively working with my hands or driving.  Being able to keep both hands working while talking on the phone made a huge improvement in efficiency.  I think this is why I am not a fan of texting. I can talk and work at the same time, I have to stop and pick up my phone to text.  (Voice texting is not that great with a southern accent).      

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    This is a great perspective Ray. I never thought about it like that. And funny note on the voice texting with a southern accent LOL. 

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    I do really love wireless audio! 

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    Interest, a ring huh? Didn't know that was out there haha. 

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    I am also picky about what comes in (and ruthless for what goes out. Big simplicity fan). Makes sense. 

  • I like gadgets, but I'm picky with adding more stuff to my life. A smart watch doesn't seem to provide enough value to me at this point to justify buying one.

  • I would maybe use a smart watch for backpacking trips, if it had GPS, Satellite Communication, Weather, and other things that helped me out in the wilderness.