What is your go-to WFH accessory?

And why? 

Accessories can make or break an office set up, or be the difference between constant frustration and endless joy. Now that many folks are working from home, having the right accessories to get the job done can go a long way... 

So what about you? What is your favorite/go-to WFH accessory and why? 

Happy working!

  • Nothing beats a good mouse! Love it. Really love to know how everyone maximizes their accessories for the greatest productivity! I haven't tricked out my mouse yet, but after reading about your favorite accessory, I might have to look into it! Haha

  • ole skool ...still a trackball man. Faster and no carpal tunnel. 

  • I used to use trackball mice back when Microsoft's Intellimouse was all the rage. They might have to be cleaned now and then. The axis rollers inside.


    Techies rave about the Logitech MX Master 3. You might want to have a look at it.

  • Very niceee. I WILL have to check it out.

  • I used to use a trackball. Loved it, but then arthritis in my hands made me change to a traditional mouse.

  • If you have a laptop then you need a good docking station that has pass through power, and a Bluetooth mouse .  The ability to just have one plug to connect for everything is great.  The Bluetooth mouse means you don't have to worry about a dongle taking up a USB port, and you can just throw it in the bag with you if you take your laptop on the go.  

  • Either a good docking station, as you suggest, or a second "hub" monitor that will charge your laptop and includes USB ports. If you're using two displays anyway (your laptop's screen and a monitor), then a hub monitor makes a lot of sense. 

  • When I work from home, I definitely need a separate room, big sturdy table, comfortable chair, second monitor, wireless keyboard+mouse, high quality webcam, robust internet connection and a wide bed with a loving pillow :)
    I can't explain why...
  • A good chair is really important. A reliable headset is a must-have for remote meetings. Sometimes a wired headset is better than a wireless one, especially if the wireless one has a short battery life. On a small desk, a trackball mouse has an advantage over a traditional mouse, once you're used to it.