What is your go-to WFH accessory?

And why? 

Accessories can make or break an office set up, or be the difference between constant frustration and endless joy. Now that many folks are working from home, having the right accessories to get the job done can go a long way... 

So what about you? What is your favorite/go-to WFH accessory and why? 

Happy working!

  • I would say a good chair. Have done through many and would say the minimal mesh ones have worked out the best. 

  • I know what you mean. I actually just transitioned to a lined, yoga ball for stability and strength building while working and love it so far. However, the minimal mesh and mesh-back chairs have been a favorite of mine. Anything but those clunky ergon chairs (sorry Herman Miller!). 

  • How's the yoga ball?  I've never tried one.  

  • How's the yoga ball?  I've never tried one.  

  • Yoga ball is awesome - I love how to encourages posture and engages the core more than a regular desk chair. I have to top off the air now and then to keep it full, but on the whole, loving it. Thanks for asking! I would recommend it for sure!