Adjustable monitor stands

Anybody else wish adjustable monitor height was a standard feature for montiors with multiple monitor config capabilities? But if they did where would you put technical manuals? 

  • RE: "But if they did, where would you put technical manuals?" Ans: Interchangeably with old phone books, I suppose!

  • I guess I"ve not come across a non adjustable monitor stand. All of the ones we have can slide up/down, and my dual monitor stand can go up/down/ angle any way, and swing in/out! Dump the fixed and get yourself an adjustable! 

  • I've noticed more and more have adjustable monitor stands, but they should go a bit higher.  One of the worst things people do is have their monitor too low and keyboard too high and they are slouching their heads and raising their shoulders and it's not good posture and can cause injury.

  • Most of our users are on laptops. Even if the user just wants a single external monitor, we often purchase dual monitor stands. We add a laptop tray for the other arm and the laptop screen is at the same height as the monitor. It also clears up the desk so they have more space.

  • I'd like to see how that looks.

  • Sorry, it's been a while. Here's a photo of my desktop, it's a little different from what I've described earlier. I have two 24" monitors on a dual monitor stand and a single monitor stand with a VESA laptop tray for my laptop.