Your digital doc/contract software & why you love it

Do you use a digital doc and contract signing software in your regular work? 

We'd love to know what you use and why you love it so much in preparation for an upcoming mini webinar series reviewing this topic! 

Please share your experience in the comments below and RSVP for the series if you're interesting! 

  • I have only used docusign.. but don't know much about it or others

  • When it comes up, I use whatever the document comes in with.

  • I have Signaturely as one of my solutions and it 'works' but isn't great.  Through my SuiteDash system, there's another integrated signing software in that too, and I think GoHighLevel has something too, but I haven't seemed to have found that yet!

  • Just Docusign so far, but it's been very helpful.

  • I've only ever used Docusign, so I'd be interested in hearing about any others and why they might be better.

  • I do not use this even though it could be useful. I still prefer to have the paper document with the original signature on it that is signed right in front of me. I have used Docusign before, but that was initiated by someone else on documents I needed to sign. I prefer hard copies of everything because it ensures that i have proof in my hands.  I have often wondered how well a digitally signed document would hold up in a court of law.  There are some instances where you may even want the document hand signed and notarized for an extra step in validating the signature, and a digitally signed document is several steps behind that for authentication.. I do not trust it to be considered valid if a situation were to arise where I was standing in court relying on that document to prove my case.

  • I use BreezeDoc, which is presently available on AppSumo lifetime plans.

  • I use One Drive for digital docs and DocuSing for signing. Both of those are cheap and perfect solutions.