Noise Cancelling on Yoga ANC Headphones - ENC killing voice input too

I love these headphones for web meetings, but I recently ran into an issue for the first time and was wondering if anyone else experiences similar.

Folks on the webinar were having a very difficult time hearing me. I checked all the Sound setting in the laptop, everything seemed fine. I thought maybe the mics were going bad.
I could see that the mics were picking up my voice during testing, but the output signal was extremely faint.
After the webinar, i did some more troubleshooting and testing, but to no avail.
Finally, i happened to turn off the space heater in my office, and low and behold, the mic output sounded normal and was much louder!

So, i think the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) feature was trying to block out the space heater ambient noise, and in turn, was reducing my mic's voice input too?
Does this sound logical to you? Anyone else experience this issue with the Yoga headphones?
From what i can find online, you can control the level of the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling - ie what you hear in the headphones) but not the ENC.
It would be nice to be able to turn ENC off if my conclusions are correct and if the ambient fan noise in the room was impacting/lowering my voice too.

Open to any feedback or input you might have!

  • So what you are saying, is that it blocks out things that blow out a lot of hot air?  Slight smile

  • I wonder if a similar technology is used in the headphones as in the ThinkPad microphone array software. That software used to be mediocre but has gotten much better over the years to the point that it can reasonably pick up my voice in a noisy background noise environment and output something the other person can understand. Would be good for these teams to communicate if they aren't already!