What innovations do you have your eye on?

What technology, product, innovative idea, company or concept is catching your eye right now?

  • I'm planning on picking up a Legion Go and Quest 3 at some point very soon. I also hope there are some cool new innovations in XR announced this year at CES.

  • I'm keeping an eye on the Lenovo A3 glasses, still looking for tech that will give me many virtual large monitors without having many physical large monitors!

  • I am still (broken record) looking at whether to get a new phone to replace my 3 year old Moto G Power.  I wish newer phones still came with a dedicated audio out jack and FM radio (which I use a lot).

  • VOIP - we need to find an inexpensive solution that is cloud bases for answering the and directing calls..  goto or 3CX.. anyone have thoughts on this type of application?

  • I am interested in what Space X is doing. I read that Elon Musk has found a way to reduce the cost per payload down to a fraction of what typically NASA spends, and that will create a lot of new opportunities for start-ups to enter the satellite realm with internet services and other services that can benefit from low cost trips into the outer orbit of our atmosphere. 

  • Looking forward to a completely detachable high resolution wireless webcam for conference meetings...where the cam can be placed anywhere but connected via WiFi or Bluetooth to host device.

  • Nothing comes to mind. Most of us have adapted to what we use for editing/publishing books. Mostly we need to get fully staffed to become most efficient. 

  • I am not looking at anything really right now. I am happy with what I have. Those AI Keyboards Judith brought up tho....

  • LiFePO4 batteries. I've been replacing all of our UPS gel-cells with these. They have a longer life span and (unlike other LiIon technolgies) won't spontaneously combust.