Audio or Video Set-up: Review/Show + Tell

What is your audio and video set-up: home or office? Care to leave a review or video of your favorite?

Camera or audio set-up:

  • Overall thoughts
  • What do you like/dislike about it?
  • Brand
  • Cost
  • Length had
  • Would you buy again?
  • Who would you recommend it to?

Please share your thoughts with the community below! 

  • I have a pair of Wireless Ear Buds that I obtained from Lenovo. I like them because I can wear them while riding my motorcycle, swimming walking or working. They did not break the bank.


  • I recently bought the Philips B5106 Soundbar from Lenovo. It's a pretty basic soundbar, but works fine for what I needed. I just wanted something to connect to an older computer set-up.

  • my favorite is my wilreless head set.. use it every where,, on the go or in the office.. it is highly recommended

  • I use the camera, mic, and speakers that are built into my all-in-one computer because I do not like the clutter of having so many extra devices scattered around my desk, and the built in components are generally sufficient for my needs.  I also have a pair of Lenovo wired headphones that i use for some audio as well.

  • Bought some Lenovo USB C headphones, since my spouse and I seem to fight for the pair we have with a microphone. So far, I haven't gotten the new Lenovo ones to work at all (it should be literally plug and play), but haven't devoted a lot of time to it.

  • I have a couple Lenovo monitors and a headset. They're great. One of the monitors I had gotten free, so I bought another to pair with it. 

  • Big fan of my Lenovo Chromebook. Definitely a plus for when I am traveling.

  • I recently made a unboxing of some new equipment so I could start making better videos for y'all haha. I unboxed the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Headphones and I really enjoy it so far! See my hilarious (and first) unboxing video below... Joy

  • This is the most powerful explanation I have ever witnessed.Heart eyes

  • Yay! That makes me so happy to hear, thank you Judith!