ThinkPhone Unbox + questions: Member Daniel on initial thoughts

There's been some interest for initial thoughts from a real user on the new ThinkPhone.

Some months ago, community member  won the ThinkPhone in a community giveaway! He filmed the short unboxing video below and can tell you about his experience with it if you have questions!

So ask away and get some honest feedback on what the ThinkPhone really like!

  • Have you tried the connection a PC for transferring files, etc?  If so, how well does that work?  How about using it as a web cam?

  • It would depend on the item and whether it was something I was really interested in exploring.

  • For over a decade, I've always gone with a Samsung phone, but switched over to a Moto G Stylus 5G about a year or so ago. I've been very happy with the phone so far, so I would consider another Motorola phone in the future when it's time for an upgrade. I'll definitely look into the ThinkPhone now for next time. Thanks for the info!

  • I think it is a great device from a corporate MDM perspective.  I think it will have a harder time selling to the general public.

  • I think the most important aspect of an unboxing is to show all of the components that come in the box such as charging cables or adapters. Most manufacturers do a good job of listing everything that comes in the box, but there are times when you open up a device and wonder what all of the extra pieces are for.

  • I have not tried that with the phone. I can try and get back to you. The camera is pretty good from the photos I've taken. I have used it for a Teams meeting and it's great but that was using Teams on the phone itself, not tethered.

  • I think it has a great display and camera. I do agree that most consumers gravitate towards Samsung and Google. I took a look at the following mobile carrier's websites:

    • AT&T: carries Motorola but not the ThinkPhone
    • T-Mobile: carries Motorola but not the ThinkPhone
    • Verizon: largest selection of Motorola phones but not the ThinkPhone

    If the main carriers do not show it on their website or in their stores, the general consumer will not know or seek out to purchase it.

  • I love mechanical watches but I like having the Apple watch for notifications, messages, Apple Pay, tracking steps, etc. So I wear both.