Black Friday Brag/Wishlist

I know, I know. It's only JUST November - I apologize in advance for even bringing it up. Black Friday is still WEEKS away. And yet... Sunglasses

Share your Black Friday Brag here! (Or wish list)

  • What do you have your eye on this Black Friday?
  • What deal did you score, Lenovo or non-Lenovo?
  • Share the scoop on a great deal with the community below!

On other notes, how do you feel about Black Friday?

Do you love the discounts, the rush, the fun with friends and family and the satisfaction of a thrifty score?

Or is the advertising bombardment (now so intertwined with, or even superseding, the warm gathering occasion with friends and family) frustrating, fine or fantastic to you?

  • The best part for me is the discounts on some of my favorite items. So i can say whenever i want to buy something just for satisfaction purpose (Mean what i don't really need):usually wait for it to be on black friday or other sale.

  • I love the rush of Black Friday!

  • The two items currently on my "watchlist" for Black Friday deals is the Lenovo Legion Go and the Meta Quest 3. Both are brand new items, so I doubt they'll be any significant discounts, but maybe there will be a holiday bundle deal with some extra items or perks.

    I scored a great deal on my Lenovo Legion laptop last year during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, so I'm hoping I get lucky again this year.

  • If I can exit the black friday weekend with the same amount of money in my wallet as when I entered, I've gotten my black friday wish Slight smile

  • I still have my eye on a ThinkPhone.  The price dropped last month to $479, but it is back to $699 now.  Maybe it will go down again?

    I will never fight crowds to get a deal, so it is online shopping for me.

  • The ThinkPad X1 Fold 16 Gen1. 

  • I never shop on Black Friday, but I have a different perspective because I spent 18 years in shopping malls. Before covid malls typically opened up around 6am on Black Friday, and for a few years were opening up at 6pm on Thanksgiving night and staying open until 10pm on Friday. I worked three of those 28 hour days before the malls switched back to opening on Friday morning. But,. from a small business perspective i rarely sold anything in the first few hours because most of the hordes storming the mall were there for the door busters being offered by the big corporate stores and they had no interest in the meager sales i was offering.  The day always turns out to be the third or fourth best day of the year, but those first few hours were frustrating every year.

  • Black Friday in the pre-Internet shopping days(early 2000s), was totally different and kinda fun. There were a few occasions when my friends and I would camp out all night in front of Circuit City or Best Buy for the deals. (I live in Arizona, which was never below freezing around that time of year)  We would wait for hours to buy the $10 DVDs or 128MB or 256MB USB 2.0 Flash drives.

    Now, I have my eyes on a 3D printer. I'm interested in a Bambu Labs X1 Carbon. Hopefully, they will have a deal on them on BF.