Has anyone bought the Lenovo Thinkphone recently?

I just wanna know if it is having any issues? How is the battery and How good is the camera?

  • Same question, the specs looks good but wanted to hear from a user.

  • I have a ThinkPhone. I have not had any issues with it other than the fingerprint sensor being slow to respond.

    The battery life has been great. I was in New York City two weeks ago and I used it constantly to get directions. Using the GPS usually taxes the battery life but it survived the whole day with no issues.

    I think the camera is great, it has an ultra-wide 2.2:1 ratio which makes the images almost cinematic. But I just crop them when I don't need everything on the sides. I have not explored too much to see if I can change the aspect ratio. Here are two unedited examples straight from the camera. It did a great job in the low-light photo.


  • Haven't bought yet. Sounds interesting.

  • My company is using the ThinkPhone as a platform for a larger system (sorry, can't talk about the system yet).

    I just ordered one to start playing with it.

    Will update the group as I learn more.

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    It came. I unboxed it and am currently cloning my old phone (Motorola One 5G Ace) and installing Android updates.

    So far, smooth.

    USB-C cable connected between the two phones and ran the cloner - everything went across.

    Updated my WiFi settings; kinda cool to see "WiFi6" icon appear (I've not run this version of Android so I've never seen it before). So great to have Qi wireless charging back - I had this on my previous phone (Microsoft/Lumia 950XL) and I'd missed it on the Ace.

    More as I go.


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  • That is awesome Sam! Thank you so much for sharing. So glad to hear it's going well! 

    I bet folks would love to hear any other feedback in this ThinkPhone commentary thread too! 

    Thanks for the updates!! Super awesome!!

  • Thank you for the positive energy!

    So, got the phone all set up. We'll be using the ThinkButton to launch our system control panel app.

    Setting up the necessary Android Studio profile for the device.

    Has anyone else done the Teams 'walkie-talkie' function? I don't have Teams so I can't try it out right now. Just wanted to get some idea of how useful you might have/have not found it to be.

    ciao again & Happy New Year.

    “If the dream is won, though everything is lost
    We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost.”

    -Neil Peart, "Bravado"
    (Power Windows, 1985)