Motorola celebrating 95 years! + Evolution of the phone

Woah - did anyone else know Motorola has even been around that long? Got me thinking about the evolution of the telephone. 

How has the modern 'smartphone' transformed it's way into your life? For different generations - how do you feel pre and post mobile phones? What is next for smartphones?

What brand of phone do you have? Briefly looking at this smart phone market-share graph from Oberlo got me thinking were Motorola fits in the mix and what you might have. 

  • I like the fact I can use the translation feature easily.

  • Yes! I also like the ease of using the IMEs to enter text in Chinese. Saves time when talking to customers.

  • I like Samsung devices because they're reliable and cheaper than Apple. Plus I'm not an IOS lover so Android works best for me Slight smile

  • Motorola are known for one of the best built phones. They work really good and long. But the only issue with them is their update support for non-flagship phones. If they make it better, then no wonder Moto can win the market.