Wired Keyboards

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Former M.

I'm looking for wired keyboards for my business but I do not know which I should go with. I typically buy $10 dollar keyboards but I'm considering purchasing some nicer keyboards in the future and do not know which to go with. I know there are high end keyboards with premium switches. Are there affordable keyboards that have similar feel to these premium switch keyboards for typists?

  • I’m not sure what affordable looks like to you.  Generally, you can search on sites like Amazon for keyboards with MX or Cherry switches.  You can also search for USB-connected mechanical IBM mechanical keyboard clones on your favorite search engine.  Most “good” mechanical keyboards run from $120-250.  Preferences depend on layout.  Remember that these keyboards generally last at least 10-20 years, so the cost/year is not horrible.

  • I picked up a Logitech G512 Carbon mechanical keyboard for $99.99 earlier this year and I love it. The keys are smooth and my typing has gotten better.

  • I recommend Logi (Logitech) when it comes to keyboards and mice.  Choose whichever best fits your price point.