Visual Feeder – Revitalizing Physical Space in a Technological World

What good is a building if it’s not in use? An empty storefront can be boring to look at, useless at times, and a potential money-pit for landlords. In short, it’s a waste of space. But siblings Yaxi Yang and Eddie Yang see things a little differently. For them, and their business—Visual Feeder—those empty walls are canvasesa means of maximizing and utilizing real estate space. They combine art and projection mapping technology to enhance this space. Through their art, they strive to make the most of urban landscapes, create vibrant installations, and bring life to communities. 

Their work seeks to bring benefits for a whole host of community members. For one, it helps building owners monetize their space, especially during COVID where their spaces have experienced a lot more downtime. During the Pandemic, Visual Feeder’s innovative business model allowed them to help businesses and non-profits of all sizes expand into new revenue streams. Offering their displays, and combining their Chicago-based business, art, and technology, Yaxi and Eddie Yang are revitalizing and reinventing the way we think about physical space—for the betterment of all.   


A Bond like No Other 

Visual Feeder is on their way to making every vacant window and wall serve a higher purpose. Their mission is to redefine media and innovate real estate. “We are a smart city ad network that transforms unoccupied retail windows into high-impact brand experiences,” said Yaxi. “It’s a really wonderful blend of art and advertising.” So, what motivated and generated this powerful idea?  

Eddie, the CEO and Co-Founder of Visual Feeder, comes from a digital media background with a degree from Columbia College’s film program. He was always fascinated with science-fiction movies and went to school with the plan to eventually become a director to create sci-fi movies himself. However, after working with large brands on creating media experiences for events and installations for marketing purposes, he saw an opportunity to utilize technology as a channel to produce impactful visuals. Yaxi, COO and Co-Founder of Visual Feeder, on the other hand, has a background in various operational and management roles for leading media and manufacturing companies.  

Together, the siblings’ bond, along with their skills, combine to make Visual Feeder the thriving business it is today. Fueled by their initial focus of creating the future they wanted to live in, Eddie and Yaxi do what they love by utilizing technology to build creative installations and transform sci-fi into reality. And, in the process, they’re making a great impact by uplifting brands who need the help. 

 “We basically dreamed of living in a technologically advanced world.” -Yaxi Yang 

 Sci-Fi Designs with Real World Problems 

For Visual Feeder, making science-fiction a reality came with a whole host of nonfiction problems. Dealing with intense technology and complex art—and, in the process, creating something that’s never existed before—means that Visual Feeder’s founders are also faced with plenty of unique obstacles on every project. 

But daily problems became intense challenges during COVID, presenting an entire new series of issues to overcome. Mobility and the ability to work from anywhere became imperative. Whether it’s out in the field, at an installation site, or writing code from home before traveling, the Yang’s needed technology that can support their various efforts. 

For Eddie and Yaxi, working remotely, while undertaking intricate and ambitious projects, requires assistance and support for any complications that may arise. Without this assistance, or the technical devices needed to power their installations, their clients’ satisfaction is at risk. In addition to their remote and technological concerns, Visual Feeder must also ensure protection of sensitive client data. Safety, support, and the ability to work from anywhere are just a few of the problems that, with the wrong tech solution, can morph into a catastrophe for their business. Luckily, the Yangs were able to turn to a strong technology partner, which offered immediate results.  

 Projecting A Better World 

Lenovo allows businesses—like Visual Feeder—to boost their productivity through an entire catalog of Small Business services, solutions, and products. From around-the-clock tech support to speedy, reliable, and mobile-ready workstations, Lenovo offers all the technological needs necessary for successful businesses to keep functioning at a high level. 

“It’s helpful to know that we have a team of people and can really support us so that we have more time to build our business and create that impact that we want.” -Yaxi Yang 

Eddie echoes these sentiments. “As we grow, having a partner like Lenovo will be beneficial because they’re the forefront of technology. They’ll always be able to provide us with the latest equipment.” The ability to keep up with the most contemporary technology means that Visual Feeder can continue to innovate and push what’s possible in their own work. Especially when it comes to getting devices with powerful graphics that exhibit amazing picture clarity and color. 

Devices, like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga, offering stunning displays and visual capabilities, are powered by an incredibly strong operating system, Windows 10 Pro. This mobile workhorse features excellent remote collaboration for video conferencing—something that Eddie and Yaxi can utilize to consult with clients or to catch up with each other when they’re traveling. Furthermore, the built-in ThinkShield security solution is perfect for keeping data client safe from outside eyes.  

As for tech assistance? Eddie calls it, “one of the most important things for [their] company.” With Premier Support from Lenovo, businesses of all sizes get a direct line to Lenovo’s most elite technicians, able to deliver advanced troubleshooting 24/7.  

Minimizing hitches and staying productive is important to Yaxi and Eddie at Visual Feeder, but it’s also very important to the nonprofit businesses they serve. Visual Feeder is helping evolve the concept of advertising and brand experiences, all with help from a tech partner they can count on, Lenovo—and, in the process, making the world just a little bit more interesting, visually and experientially.  

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