Tech 101: DaaS

For organizations large and small, refreshing a fleet of personal computing devices every three to five years can involve substantial costs, especially when considering peripheral expenditures for procurement, deployment, training, support, recovery, and asset management.

What it is:
Device as a Service (DaaS) helps organizations mitigate these costs by taking a typical hardware device (such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone), bundling it with a variety of services and software, and offering it to a customer for a monthly subscription fee.

Why it matters:
With DaaS, you can keep devices up to date, while taking control of your cash flow and estimating predictable monthly expenses, rather than costly one-time bills.  DaaS offers benefits in:

  • Cash Flow Management
    The DaaS model allows organizations to shirt large IT budget allocations to more manageable cash flows over a planned period of time.
  • Flexibility
    As a subscription service, DaaS provides options for an organization to quickly scale up or down based on the current operating environment and business need.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    With a DaaS subscription, the organization always has access to the latest technology and avoids costly repairs and productivity delays from aged devices.
  • Mobility
    DaaS subscriptions are designed to enhance a user’s mobile experience and reduce the costs to an organization interested in providing such an environment to its workforce.
  • IT Benefits
    DaaS and the bundled services it offers with hardware, allow an organization to strategically outsource costly individual IT requirements.

How to Maximize Your Investment:

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