Kamili Yoga: Wellness Achieved from Anywhere

Reaching a deeper physical, mental, and spiritual health. Through just an easy routine, you could provide your mind and body with unparalleled unity, relief and strength. With so many mental pressures—exacerbated by the pandemic—wellness practices are extremely important for today’s generations. For some, such wellness can be achieved through the ascetic discipline of yoga. Those who practice yoga often, may be unable to go a day without it, and it’s become an important facet of their everyday health. Yoga is a method of relieving pain, improving balance, and strengthening the heart. It can provide relaxation and stress management, as well as a happier all-around energy and outlook on life. 

The problem is, unfortunately, that yoga isn’t readily available or accessible to some people. Oftentimes, certain communities feel out of place in a practice designed to promote peace, calm, and relaxation. While yoga has been shown to improve our lives in a variety of ways, for many groups, the practice of yoga, can feel out of touch. 

Enter Eternity Philops. She decided to take a stand when she began pursuing the research and practice needed to introduce Pan-African culture and individuality into the yoga community. The result? Her business, Kamili Yoga, which uses the power of technology to promote good health and wellbeing around the world. 

The Wellness Journey  

Eternity Philops’s path towards founding a Pan-African wellness practice was unpredictable, and one that she chalks up to “kismet.” Everyone starts somewhere, but when Eternity started, she didn’t “know a ‘downward dog’ from an awkward push-up,” and she had no desire to become a yoga teacher. But, as a ***, Black woman who is now a “yoga educator who has taught hundreds of students through a wide assortment of community classes, university courses, private sessions, and wellness retreats.” Eternity prides herself on where her life has taken her.  

“My first experience with yoga was in a large class of sixty people and only five looked like me. That reinforced the idea, that I already had, that yoga was for White people. I realized that more was needed for Black communities, Black populations and learning yoga wellness that reflected who they are–who we are.” 

Eternity created Kamili Yoga as a channel of inclusivity promoting three main pillars: union with self, union with others, and union with spirit—much like other, popular yoga practices. Where it differs? Kamili Yoga is an Afrocentric system for Black holistic wellness, which comes from the African Swahili word for “complete” and the Indian Sanskrit word for “union.” 

With this philosophy in place, and a practice that works for Black bodies and culture, Eternity was willing to take on the challenge of making wellness compatible to everyone. She opened her in-person practice, ready to tackle everything that comes with Small Business ownership.   

A Bit of a Stretch 

While Eternity had spent years planning and launching her in-person business, 2020 had other plans. Philops, like the rest of the world, was blindsided by COVID-19. For Kamili Yoga, this meant the shutdown of in-person classes and face-to-face connections for her practice. As a business that thrives on the idea of interconnectedness and togetherness, this posed a serious issue. 

Rather than quitting, however, Eternity decided to pivot, evolving her business concept to a model that could thrive in a remote world. That’s when she turned to technology and online channels. And in a time that demanded we stay further apart than ever, a wellness business centered on unity has never been more relevant, or more important. But unity requires a strong connection, in more ways than one. Fortunately, for her many customers and wellness-seekers around the world, Eternity has what it takesand an amazing business partnerto lead with spirit and keep the connections intact. Lenovo is helping Small Businesses similar to Kamili Yoga—where connections are so important—to discover business-grade connection solutions so people like Eternity could put her message of unity into practice.  

Keeping Spirits High 

With the increasing number of questions arising from an increasingly uncertain world, Eternity put her best foot forward to answer them. “Kamili Yoga is an answer to numerous needs. The need for more culturally diverse yoga systems, the need for more yoga systems that de-center Whiteness, and the need for more yoga systems that recognize the beautiful depths of Black and African being.” 

But, how does she make these lofty goals accessible from any screen? Technology was paramount in enabling her to work and connect from anywhere. So, it’s no wonder she needed the most reliable technology possible.  

Today, Kamili Yoga is a thriving, successful business. Eternity not only delivers online courses, but also offers a student app, a community membership collective, and offers resources and information about the powerful practice. 

So, what keeps Kamili Yoga and their online platform on their feet? Lenovo Workstations–powered by Windows 10 Proprovide reliability, flexibility, versatility, and opportunity for growth. It offers efficient processing when Eternity is broadcasting and creating content for her courses. With such powerful tech, connecting with her clients is made a lot easier. There’s success in dependability and there’s no short supply of it across Lenovo’s many offerings. 

Lenovo Small Business tech solutions allow Eternity to focus on her clients and ultimately improve overall wellness. Thanks to innovative technology like Lenovo’s, Eternity Philops and Kamili Yoga can continue impacting the community by giving Black people a holistic yoga practice that celebrates who they are both individually as well as culturally. The world needs people and technology as reliable as Eternity and Lenovo so that it can continue to grow, improve, and become more socially conscious.