Digital Transformation to Power Customer-Centricity

 For manufacturers, digital transformation is not just about adopting new technology. It includes rethinking the role customer knowledge plays in informing strategy, product design, marketing and customer support. For many organizations, this means rallying their entire workforce to move from a product-centric to a customer-centric mindset. From thinking about personalization rather than mass production. IT will play a critical role in this rethink; called upon to enable new internal and external systems. A technology infrastructure that powers perpetual agility, security and interoperability in favor of the customer. 

Customer-Centric Organizations Grow 

According to IDC, by 2020, manufacturers will capture 20% more aftermarket revenue by using product and service quality measures to enhance customer experiences. Here are some traits of organizations that are leveraging digital transformation for growth: 

  • On a path from mass production to custom production to personalization 
  • Develops holistic customer views vs siloed perspectives 
  • Thinking long-term to earn mindshare, not just market share 
  • Instruments products with embedded technology to relay feedback 

Customers Should Benefit From Increased Productivity 

On a practical level, IT will need to upgrade and improve the devices used most often by their workforce. Analytics, collaboration, communications - the devices will need to better match how work gets done. There’s now a way to help end-users accelerate their everyday tasks for huge productivity gains. Lenovo systems with Intel OptaneTm memory offer a cost-effective way to achieve HDD capacity with SSD like speeds. Every day, end-users interact with their PCs hundreds of times. Different jobs mean different performance needs. Optane memory delivers personalized productivity advantages by remembering and accelerating the applications and tasks used most often by individual users. This can lead to more time delivering value to prospects and customers. 

Windows 10 Pro helps you and your team members to stay focused, stay connected, and, most importantly, get more done with the right tools. Use your laptop like a tablet or your tablet like a laptop with convertible devices like ThinkPad Yoga. This and a range of other Lenovo devices include digital pens, so users can capture notes on their devices or annotate documents. 

Cortana at work, a digital assistant that's built into Windows 10, can help users organize their calendar, schedule reminders and automate basic tasks. 

"We talk about IT as part of the business - as ingrained and as tightly woven as any other function, and contributing to business strategy. Our customers are the company's end customers." 

Joe Druin, CIO atPulteGroup