Deep Trekker – Discovering the Deeper Story

From shipwrecks, to marine biology, to underwater engineering, there’s a whole host of unreachable and inaccessible physical space that contain untapped information—until now. One Small Business, Deep Trekker, is dedicated to discovering what was previously deemed undiscoverable.  

They create state-of-the-art devices that can trek to places where humans can’t. But Deep Trekker isn’t just taking the dive into the deep. They’re also diving into technology and robotics with the ambition of unveiling the ocean’s deepest secrets, while spearheading technological innovation within the environmental and industrial sector.  

Voyage to Discovery 

Deep Trekker is built on curiosity and inspired by adventure. And for this company, and their President, Sam MacDonald, pushing towards the unknown and seeking adventure means pushing the boundaries of technology. When asked about innovation, Sam said, “we’re seeing things that we never thought were possible. Things that weren’t possible ten years ago are now possible because the technology is coming into its own.”   

The tech company is headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada—often referred to as a hub for technological engineering and advancements. And for a Small Business that’s gone global—with locations in 99 countries— their location has been a huge boon.  Today, Deep Trekker has expanded their lineup to feature seven different types of robots. Built for utilization across a multitude of industries, Deep Trekker’s innovative tech works for everything from infrastructure to energy, defense to ocean science, and beyond. In addition to their robot lineup, the company is also working behind the scenes to engineer the most portable and affordable ROVs possible, helping improve the possibilities of discovery for all. 

In Deep Waters 

Deep Trekker’s ambition to create the most cutting-edge technology means they are constantly swimming against the current, faced with different challenges every day. One of those challenges? The surplus of various locations and industries their customers span, resulting in frequent travel for Deep Trekker’s employees in order to ensure that their robots and other technologies are functioning properly. Devices that Deep Trekker employees use must be easily transportable, yet still harnessing powerful computing capabilities. Not only that, but Sam, a self-proclaimed “road warrior,” also needs a high-speed portable device to keep in touch with her team while they’re apart.  

And, because the world of tech is always innovating and changing, Deep Trekker must continuously adapt to keep up. But, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date technology is an ongoing endeavor, leaving room for constant improvement. But, this requires perpetually searching for and implementing the right tools and services. 

Sam and her Small Business require a deep consideration for security measures and protection of data. She recognizes the importance of keeping data safe, not only for Deep Trekker, but more importantly, for their customers—especially in the defense sector, where information in the wrong hands could be very harmful. However, treading in all these rough waters is made easier with the right technology partner.   

Submerging into the Tech Pool 

Technology keeps Deep Trekker afloat so that their devices can dive deep. But, who can they turn to manage their deep pool of technological challenges? That’s where Lenovo steps in. Lenovo offers all the hardware and service needs for companies like Deep Trekker to thrive and evolve. 

The ThinkPad X1 Nano—powered by Windows 10 Pro—provides Sam and Deep Trekker employees with an easy-to-use, lightweight, yet powerful, device option to support remote connection and productivity. Collaborating with each other is made easy and fun, and Sam is, “excited and ecstatic” to have the X1 Nano be a part of her team. The device, with its high-speed Intel Evo vPro Processor, WIFI 6 integration, 5G capabilities, and high-resolution Dolby Vision display, has everything needed to manage any mission, no matter how complex.  

Plus, ThinkPad offers Sam and her company key points of necessity. As Sam points out, “IT security is, of course, paramount to Deep Trekker.” And, with Lenovo Keep Your Drive, she can offer her clients assurance that their data is safe. The service makes it easy and efficient to dispose of business data on her terms, giving IT staff the time to concentrate on mission-critical business activities. 

Sam explained how she wants her employees to know that what “they’re doing is more than just selling or building a robot, but they’re really providing a service and help, and sometimes, even innovation for the companies that we’re working with.” Providing this service, made easy with Lenovo, also makes tough tasks easy for so many customers across a wide variety of industries. It’s exciting to see the direction of how the groundbreaking technology from Deep Trekker will continue to break new ground and pave the way to more discovery.  

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