Cirkled In – The Tech Connection: Maximizing Student Potential

Imagine if every single person had the opportunity to pursue a life that adheres to their strengths and interests. Imagine the overall morale-boost, the productivity improvement, and innovative work that would come from it. Imagine how it would change the world. With adequate education for young adults, it’s all possible.  

Unfortunately, however, colleges tend to look at just the numbers. GPA and test scores seem to be schools’ primary measures for academic success and the indicator for whether or not they will accept a student. This method of acceptance fails to consider an individual’s accomplishments, strengths, and interests. 

Reetu Gupta, founder and CEO of Seattle-based company, Cirkled In, decided that enough was enough. So, she began working towards—with the power of technology—providing academic prospects with their greatest potential, in school, employment, and scholarship opportunities. Cirkled In provides students with a platform to compile all their interests, talents, and achievements. By presenting their most authentic and best possible self, they have a greater opportunity to showcase their true abilities. Colleges or employers can easily compile this data to better understand whether a candidate is a good fit, looking beyond just a number. It’s a mutual benefit as students can graduate on time, pay off student debt, and become a contributing member of society. It allows institutions and students, alike, to capitalize on creating the best possible future and future society.  

Building the Resume 

Reetu got the idea to begin her journey of maximizing academic potential when her daughter was burdened with the painful task of undergoing the college application process. This personal experience inspired her to ensure that colleges and employers play to their prospects’ strengths and provide adequate opportunity. She recognizes that there is more to a person than their academic abilities. A profile that compiles everything a person does—in and out of school—gives hiring managers, college admissions officers, and recruiters a deeper understanding for how to increase success rates.   

In the face of worldwide adaptions brought on by COVID-19, standardized testing is becoming less important. Universities are seeking a holistic review of candidates to truly understand one’s potential for success. Reetu said, “education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.” This mindset helps propel her, alongside Cirkled In, to make a true impact on the youths around them. 

The True Test 

To achieve the award-winning level of success that they have, Cirkled In had to do a bit of homework of their own. Reetu pointed out that, “before Cirkled In can serve its customers, it needed to make sure that all the team members contributing to the product had access to technology” and that tech needed to work “seamlessly and smoothly” for their organization and employees. 

For Cirkled In, with the rise of remote work and the ability to work from anywhere came the rise of a series of technological issues that threatened their standard of work. Devices that employees travel with had to be easily transportable. As an online platform that compiles tons of data from so many people, security is top-of-mind—for both software and hardware. Plus, the devices they use contain a ton of valuable information. And if that data gets into the wrong hands or breaks, there’s a lot that can be lost and damage that can be done. All these considerations contributed to Reetu’s decision making process when weighing the technology needed to keep Cirkled In running efficiently.  

Circling in on the Solution 

Technology is the backbone of Cirkled In. Reetu declared that it “has enabled Cirkled In to be what it is today.” As they continue to connect more and more students to their highest potential, they are becoming more reliant on powerful and effective technology. Meeting the working from home needs, Lenovo offers all types of solutions for businesses that require high-level performance and data security. The ThinkBook 13s—powered by Windows 10 Pro—is portable, versatile, and secure. And with its Smart Power On biometric reader option, employees can have peace of mind knowing that their data is safe from prying eyes. 

While a lot of employees travel with devices, the possibility of losing valuable business data increases. Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) provides coverage for non-warranted damage. This ensures productivity and support for on-the-go users and mitigates their downtime. And, as a tech company, they want to instill the same education for safety and care for the students that use Cirkled In services.  

The importance of effective collaboration tools has drastically increased with the shift towards a hybrid workforce. Remotely or in person, Microsoft Cloud allows for smooth Windows collaboration to streamline the team-working process. Microsoft Azure cloud secures data and ensures that it is not compromised. With Office 365, teams have everything they need to communicate and keep up an efficient workflow. And with Lenovo, a Small Business technology solutions provider, you can find all of these devices and services, plus more. 

Reetu is excited to be able to “create the world we all crave by giving education to every single student, getting them ready for the future, and securing yours and my future as well.” Lenovo fuels her ambition with the direction needed to achieve a better world for students and colleges. And when students are given the direction they need, the world can truly grow.  

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