Christmas Giveaway: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Happy Kwanza! Happy New Year! 

This December, we are celebrating our amazing customers and the festivities with an X1 Carbon giveaway right here in community. 

The qualifying entrants of the giveaway in the month of December will automatically be entered to the random drawing to win a brand new, ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9. 

As it is a season for giving, we want to know: what is the best gift you have ever received or given - tech or otherwise? Have a favorite Christmas gift memory? Recall the first computer you ever got? Take a step back in time and tell us about your favorite Christmas gift memory for a chance to win a new gift. 

To enter for a chance to win, please give your response to the following question during the month of December!

What is the best gift you have ever received or given? Tech or otherwise? Reply Now

Note - Make sure you join the group titled Coffee Break or you won't be able to post in the thread. 

No purchase necessary to win. Alternative form of entry available. Terms and Conditions can be found here

About the prize: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 (14", Intel)


Power & portability in a premium package

  • Designed on Intel® EvoTm vPro® platform
  • Ultrathin & ultralight redesigned chassis
  • A host of new features that add convenience, improved technology
  • An impressive 16:10 display
  • A wider TouchPad
  • A larger battery for more time unplugged
  • Rear ventilation to improve efficiency
  • A super-responsive laptop that's ready whenever you need it

Congratulations to our November Contest Winner! Enjoy your new ThinkPad T14s!

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  • My best gift was my 12 years old son was going to Target and bought Dad's belt and coffee mug for Father's day celebration by himself riding scooter, it was taking 1 hour round-way.   

  • My best gift was one I gave but which came back to pay me dividends beyond imagination.

    Just after Christmas in 1974 I was on my way from NY to Brussels to meet with my Mideast Region VP' and my main key distributors for the Persian Gulf. He invited us to dine with him and wife in a house he had rented. I told him I would arrange for the dinner "since I was on expense account"...

    Almost as soon as the plane left JFK, we were informed we would be making an "unscheduled stop" in Boston to check out a warning light that come on. While wandering the airport, I saw a kiosk selling live lobsters and bought 5 Live Lobsters packed on ice (with all the fixings for a "Shore Dinner") for the next night. You can imagine everyone's surprise when I arrived carrying the dinner I had promised to bring!

    Several months later, the war broke out in Beirut to which my distributor and region VP had returned. They asked me to help evacuate the office to Athens. Problem was that our administrative assistant was the wrong religion to safely cross over the dividing line between the Arab & Christian sectors to the airport. My distributor, partly he claimed, because of that famous dinner in Brussels, was at the office within hours with an armor-plated car that had a false compartment trunk and snuck her out to the airport for safe evacuation.  Funny how things can work out...

  • I have had a few lap tops.  Lenovo is certainly the worst I have ever had.

  • I gave my daughter a necklace made from a buffalo nickel. It's still her favorite gift.

  • My Best Gift ever was and Electric Blanket what a luxury.. Night after night it keeps on giving the gift of heat. 

  • The best gift ever is finding the love of my life, nothing better!

  • The best gift I ever gave was an xbox series x to my teenage son when they were incredibly hard to find! I tried for hours to get one and finally did.  He was beyond excited and could not believe that I was able to find one!

  • My favorite gift was when I was away at school and my mother surprised me with a visit. I was so homesick so it was so wonderful having her stay with me. We also ended up getting each other similar gifts which was hilarious. I gave her a photo album of my favorite moments of that year and so did she! 

  • My favorite present was a video collage of home movies that we had of our children. I hadn't seen them in ages and my children had converted them over from VHS tapes over to DVDs. 

  • The best gift I have ever given was a sweet tiny miniature long-haired dachshund. Santa brought this to my three kids about 7 years ago. Lucy has been the most incredible little dog- she is so loved by our family and is spoiled rotten!