Booxby – Using AI to Redefine the Publishing Industry

Booxby – Using AI to Redefine the Publishing Industry 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just the future. It’s the now. It’s here and it’s not what the movies show. Yes, we’ve read the countless stories, seen Will Smith’s performance in I, Robot, and watched Black Mirror enough times to think about the dangers. But, that’s just sci-fi. When it comes to real life, actual AI, and real people putting it to work for them, the possibilities are endless. Think about the good that can be done with the right intentions and with the right partners in technology. What if AI was used to allow authors to better democratize their voice and let their stories be heard? 

Imagine if we were able to combine the data-technology efforts of AI with the story-writing ability of an author? What if we were able to see exactly how to get your book in the hands of those who will appreciate it most? Well, thanks to Holly Payne and her AI-driven technology business, Booxby we don’t have to imagine. They do it every single day. 

Pushing What’s Possible 

Holly Payne isn’t just the great face of Booxby. She also knows the struggles—first-hand—of trying to get her books out there and for the right people. Holly has published four books and has had to deal with the frustration of poor marketing efforts by publishers. As an author, she knows that the work doesn’t stop at the writing; authors must also market what they write. Credit to her inquisitive nature, Holly decided to seek the possibility of minimizing the amount of marketing needed by an author.  

Fueled by her passion and writing ability, Holly went to The National Science Foundation and posed the question:  

“Can we use and apply natural language processing machine learning to aid in discovery of these books and predict the reader experience so that you can use that data to help hone marketing campaigns?” 

And, when the Foundation came back to her with a resounding, “yes,” Holly knew it was time to put her plan into motion. 

Steep Hill to Climb 

The road to coalescing AI and marketing-data together proved rough very quickly. Artificial Intelligence, as new as it is, is already a hard-to-grasp technology. But, it’s made even harder for someone with no background in technology, who isn’t familiar with the technological language. Holly, alongside her Booxby staff, hit the books, and schooled themselves on technical language and everything AI until they could speak fluent tech and bring their product to life.  

Because of its technical nature, the term AI can be met with public reluctance and fear. As Holly herself puts it, “AI doesn’t have to be a scary thing. If it’s done with heart, we can have a lot of good come out of all these amazing algorithms that can help the creator succeed in reaching their audience.” For Holly, implementing AI meant finding a way to humanize the intelligence, to use the power for good, and to help forge real connections between books, publishers, authors, and readers. 

“The greatest challenge for a founder is to have faith when things are not going well. When you’re building software, everyone understands that it’s almost always not going to go well. The very few days that the sun is shining, you have to cherish it. You are going to be faced with so many challenges. Everything feels like a really, incredibly steep hill. It is a constant endeavor in problem-solving,” Holly said. She is certainly equipped with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a leader in the realm of technology and takes every arising problem in stride. With that, and a powerful technology partner, Booxby is in good hands. 


Pulling Back the Curtain 

So how, exactly, does Booxby help writers with their marketing needs? What’s the method behind it all? Simply put, Booxby strives to amplify writers’ voices and help them get discovered with a mission defined by “building Artificial Intelligence to aid the discovery and monetization of written content.” The product, a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud service, informs on who will love an author’s book, why they will love it, and what the market size is. 

Holly, while describing Booxby’s software, said, “it is a business intelligence tool that allows you to get on with your business which is, ‘write your stories.’” It’s doing all the computational linguistics for authors and publishers so that they can focus on the story. It utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to ultimately augment human intelligence by amplifying the unique voices of content creators and optimizing their market opportunity. 

Booxby, a business built on technology, has teamed up with partners like Lenovo to help them grow. Holly works towards helping writers understand where their story sits in a sea of stories with a more effective marketing campaign. This is all great, but, what’s behind the curtain? Lenovo laptops and Workstations powered by Windows 10 Pro enable Holly and her team to work effectively on the AI and data-driven business. With mobility, ease of use, and speed, ThinkPad X1 Carbon and ThinkPad P15s are powerful tools for data collection and efficient coding for businesses like Booxby. ThinkShield security solutions are used to protect their data, and ThinkVision monitors enable their employees to be as productive as possible. Having to adapt to a changing world of workspace and technology, Lenovo’s smart collaboration solutions allow for working remotely. The versatile performances by Lenovo services help such impressive technology run so effectively. 

Booxby, the women-led and author-led company, is paving the way for more bookmarks and less book-marketing-anxiety. And, with a little help from Lenovo, their AI helps authors and readers alike to spread intelligence, mental stimulation, and overall good health. Thanks to the services provided through Booxby with the help of Lenovo, storywriters can more effectively do what will ultimately inspire the world—share their stories for all. 

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